Securing Compensation for Construction Defect Damages

Construction defect claims are made against developers, contractors, subcontractors and design professionals on a case-by-case basis. Construction laws are complex and vary from state to state, and defects can cause damages that can vary in value from tens of thousands to millions of dollars.

At Reich & Binstock LLP in Houston, we represent residential and commercial property owners who have suffered damages in Texas or anywhere throughout the U.S. Our attorneys are well-versed in construction laws, and we collaborate with a vast network of industry experts to build substantial cases and manage both individual lawsuits and class-action litigation against defendants who develop properties throughout the country.

Property damage claims resulting from construction defects that our attorneys evaluate and handle include:

  • Storm damage claims
  • Water damage claims
  • Drainage and design defects
  • Roofing installation defects
  • Window installation defects
  • Door installation defects
  • Electrical system installation defects
  • Plumbing system installation defects
  • Concrete and asphalt installation defects
  • Foundation and floor defects

Each of our lawyers is trial-tested and a skilled negotiator. We are prepared for trial the day we file your claim, but we work aggressively to settle your claim without the need for protracted litigation.

If you have suffered damages due to a suspected construction defect, it is important that you speak with a knowledgeable attorney before making statements to the defendant or any insurance adjuster. Our team will handle all communications with these parties and all legal aspects of your claim.

Maximizing the value of your claim and getting life back to normal in your best interests requires the efficient and effective legal work of seasoned construction defect attorneys who only have your best possible outcome as their goal.

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