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NFL Concussion Settlement Attorneys

Are you a former professional football player suffering from brain injury, ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease), Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, dementia or other brain injury or disease? Did your husband or loved one die as a result of NFL injuries causing chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)? Are you a former NFL player suffering symptoms of CTE brain injury?

If so, you deserve justice and the compensation you are entitled to under the NFL Concussion Settlement Class terms. The class action settlement was finalized in January, and the NFL agreed to pay former players suffering from qualifying head injuries nearly $1 billion dollars including up to $5 million dollars per player.

The process for submitting claims opened March 23, 2017, and those affected have until August 7, 2017, to file a claim. You should consult an experienced NFL concussion lawyer to help you navigate the complex recovery process, learn more about your rights and advise you of the best legal options. There are potentially millions of dollars at stake, so don't try to go against the NFL on your own. It could mean the difference in receiving the financial compensation and benefits you deserve and possibly receiving nothing.

Under the terms of a federal district court settlement, former players with major cognitive impairments such as those listed above, are entitled to monetary, medical and educational awards based on the player's age and duration of his NFL playing career. Contact our law firm to guide you through the litigation process. It's crucial to hire an attorney who has been successful suing large corporations with huge potential verdicts or settlements.

We will help you determine if you part of the "settlement class," what the criteria are for submitting claims, determine when you will start recovering settlement benefits and what to beware of during the process. The NFL is a very powerful adversary - even though you may be entitled to compensation. Don't try it alone and lose your settlement benefits.

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