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December 2015 Archives

Mother files Zofran-related birth injury suit

A mother is suing the manufacturer of Zofran, saying that the drug resulted in her son being born with numerous congenital defects. The woman said that she was prescribed the drug while she was pregnant, and taking it caused her son to have respiratory distress syndrome and cleft palate.

Pharmaceutical drug litigation

Pharmaceutical drugs are supposed to make us healthier, but many dangerous drugs are on the market that only make us sick. At Reich & Binstock, LLP, we have seen countless cases of people seriously injured as a result of defective and dangerous drugs. It is our mission to bring more justice to the pharmaceutical industry by holding negligent and unlawful drug manufacturers accountable for the death and injury they cause.

Proposed tanning bed ban hailed as big step against skin cancers

It is no secret that many in Texas go to great lengths to obtain and maintain the look of their tans. The allure of the golden glow is something that some attribute to fashion icon Coco Channel. They say photographs of her tanned self sparked the trend years ago. Since then, something of a battle has been underway between tanning promoters and public health officials who say that the process of exposing the skin to the sun's ultraviolet rays is a sure way of increasing one's risk of developing deadly skin cancer.

Judges transfer federal Bair Hugger lawsuits to Minnesota

Bair_Hugger_Lawsuit.jpgThe Bair Hugger, a system that controls the temperature of patients who have undergone surgery, have been linked to serious patient infections. Personal injury lawsuits have been filed nationwide. And a panel of judges known as the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation centralized federal Bair Hugger lawsuits before the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota.

Volkswagen lawsuits centralized at a California court

VW-Emissions-Lawsuit.jpgA panel of federal judges decided last Tuesday to centralize federal Volkswagen lawsuits before a single judge at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. The move, which several plaintiffs requested, ideally would simplify the pretrial management of all of the litigation, saving the time of the court, the expert witnesses and others.

Will federal highway funding bill reduce truck accidents?

If you've been tapped into the headlines lately you likely know that Congress actually passed some significant legislation recently. President Obama signed it into law earlier this month. The measure goes by different names. One of them is Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act. FAST for short.

FDA strengthens Invokana warning

invokana_kidney.jpgAs lawsuits continue to be filed alleging that the use of the diabetes drug Invokana (canagliflozin) produced the unreasonable risk of diabetic ketoacidosis and its complications, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has ramped up its warnings about Invokana and about similar drugs.

Xarelto study shows drug's side effects

Xarelto Vessel Bleed.jpgNearly 2,300 federal Xarelto lawsuits are situated before a single multidistrict litigation court in the Eastern District of Louisiana. About 500 more are grouped before a mass tort state court in Philadelphia. Those are not all of the lawsuits alleging that the use of the anticoagulant led to serious, and in some cases fatal, internal bleeding. Just when the scientific evidence against Xarelto is published mainly in plaintiffs' petitions this holiday season, a national professional journal reacquaints medical science with some of the very damning findings.

Feds charge dietary supplements makers

Supplements_Lawsuits.jpgAs lawsuits alleging liver toxicity have been filed against the maker of the supplements Jack3d and OxyElite Pro, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, in partnership with other governmental agencies, filed a criminal case in November against USPlabs LLC. The government's legal action coincided with the FDA's yearlong probe to identify unsafe ingredients contained in dietary supplements.

Volkswagen does it again

VW-Emblem.jpgJust when U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials thought they had a handle on Volkswagen's emissions cheating, new information has shown that even more vehicles were illegally sidestepping clean air testing than they had originally thought.


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