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Pharmaceutical liability cases often bring up complex concepts

Previous posts here have discussed the basic interplay of state and federal statutes and regulations with regard to the topic of holding drug manufacturers responsible for defects in the creation and marketing of their products. Unfortunately, in most cases, it takes not only education, but years of experience with such lawsuits to competently handle all the possible complexities presented by cases of this nature in Texas and around the country.

For example, there are certain legal doctrines that are arcane to individuals outside the legal arena, that also seem to make very little sense except to certain individuals in the legal profession, such as the concept of "preemption," one of the consequences of which we have described previously. Unfortunately, these legal concepts affect the cases of real people who have suffered real harm and may, at times, interfere with their ability to recover.

People who have been harmed by taking a medication may need to get more information about their own unique circumstances. There are numerous examples of cases that attempt to hold drug manufacturers responsible for injuries caused by their products. Medicines such as Risperdal, Levaquin, Invokana and Xarelto have been involved in lawsuits that seek relief for individuals harmed by the effects of these chemicals.

People who take medication, whether prescribed or over-the-counter, have certain expectations as to the safety of those drugs. When a medicine has caused harm, whether it is due to poor testing, a design or manufacturing defect or bad labeling or warnings, the individual who is harmed may be entitled to legal compensation for his or her injuries. Those who wish to learn further information about these cases may want to peruse our website regarding pharmaceutical liability.

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