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January 2017 Archives

How many truck accidents happen in Texas?

There's a saying that Texas is "a world all of its own." There's no doubt that as the United States' second largest state by area, encompassing over a quarter-million square miles, getting around the state of Texas can be quite a challenge. This means thousands upon thousands of miles of roadways crisscross the state to allow people and products to get where they need to go. It also means that there are huge numbers of vehicles travelling Texas roads every day, including big commercial vehicles that transport all the things Texans need to keep their daily lives humming along.

Products liability cases for surgical mesh may rise

There have been many lawsuits filed in the U.S. over the last several years regarding a type of product known as 'trans-vaginal mesh.' Texas residents may be aware of this through news reports, or seeing television commercials seeking out people who have been injured by the devices. There are now indications that a similar product may become the subject of products liability litigation. That product is surgical mesh used mainly in hernia operations.

What if a defective drug's manufacturer cannot be pinpointed?

We've previously discussed the fact that manufacturers of pharmaceuticals have a duty to ensure that the processes they use to create the drugs they sell meet federal Food and Drug Administration guidelines, and that the medications produced thereby are safe and effective for the end users. Further, we've touched on the fact that there can be defects in the design of a drug, the manufacturing of the medicine itself, or in the way consumers are told about the potential effects of drugs. When a drug company allows a medication with a defect to be placed into the stream of commerce, they may be liable for monetary damages to anyone who is injured by the product.

FDA warns about general anesthetic in late pregnancies

We have previously discussed the role the federal Food and Drug Administration plays in helping regulate the pharmaceutical industry and ensuring a flow of safe, effective medications to patients in Texas and throughout the United States. Readers may remember that one method FDA uses to help meet this goal is by issuing warnings that are printed on labels that come with drugs that are meant to inform both medical professionals and patients about the potential harm a certain medication may cause. This allows doctors and patients to weigh the benefits and risks of any given course of pharmaceutical treatment and come to a conclusion with which both are comfortable.


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