Fighting for Victims of Northern California Wildfires

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Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of the terrible wildfires that ravaged California last October. It will take years to fully recover from the damage and destruction of these devastating wildfires. Casualties include loss of life to physical injury to destruction of personal and business property, and every loss is a tragedy. We hope to be able to help you recover for your losses by providing resources, legal guidance and/or legal representation.

Due to the changing nature and complexity of the investigation and litigation surrounding the California wildfires, getting competent legal representation is strongly advised. If you or a family member were affected, our law firm is ready to help you. We are caring attorneys with a national reputation for winning cases. Our lawyers have friends and family in Santa Rosa and Northern California. We work on a contingency fee basis and are proud to be able to offer our services to the victims of this tragedy.

What caused the wildfires?

Pacific Gas & Electric Company's (PG&E) equipment may be to blame for causing the deadliest wildfires to ever have occurred in the history of the State of California. PG&E has previously failed to maintain equipment and failed to keep the surrounding areas free of brush and debris which resulted in millions of dollars in fines by state regulators.

The government's Utilities Commission's safety division will conduct its own review and has already asked PG&E to catalog and preserve damaged poles and equipment. The safety division also wants any PG&E emails or memos concerning tree-trimming operations.

Despite the incomplete state investigations, county supervisors felt it was time to move forward. The court has acted swiftly to consolidate cases and set hearings, signaling it will not allow litigation to languish. Officials said it was important to be part of the process at an early stage.

How can I start my claim?

Contact us to learn your legal rights. There is no obligation and no cost for a consultation. Many victims who lost their homes and/or businesses due to the wildfires now know that their insurance policies are not covering them for their losses. Many policies come nowhere close to covering losses. We handle property insurance claims for individuals, injury, loss of life and any type economic or property commercial loss. These are important legal matters, and you are entitled to your full policy limits and compensation that will allow you to rebuild your home, your business and your life. Call us at 877-643-3099 to talk with a lawyer today.