Employment Law

At Reich & Binstock, we are plaintiffs' attorneys exclusively. We only represent employees in legal actions against employers who have violated state or federal laws through workplace policies or wrongful actions against employees. Employers have very clear obligations under employment laws, and our attorneys can help you determine if your rights have been violated in the workplace, if your employer has committed a fraud that you should report or if your employer has violated your employment contract or compensation agreement.

Our attorneys handling employment law cases represent clients throughout Texas and across the U.S. We handle individual claims and our clients' involvement in class-action cases. When you are represented by Reich & Binstock, you benefit from personalized legal guidance and protection. You are not just a case number at our firm. We are committed to serving and protecting your best interests throughout the legal process.

Types Of Employment Law Cases We Handle

  • Fair Labor Standards Act violations, which may involve hourly or salaried worker claims of nonpayment, employee misclassification claims or minimum wage (wage and hour) claims
  • Discrimination claims involving hiring, pay or opportunities for advancement based on race, skin color, national origin, religion, age, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation or disability
  • Civil rights violations in the workplace
  • Hostile workplace environments and harassment claims
  • Wrongful discharge and wrongful termination claims
  • Misuse of employee benefits such as insurance, pensions and other retirement benefits
  • Whistleblower cases involving criminal activities or defrauding of the government by an employer
  • Retaliation claims against employers who terminate, discharge, reduce pay or benefits, reduce opportunities, create a hostile work environment or otherwise discriminate against a whistleblower

Your claim is prepared for tough legal challenges with Reich & Binstock lawyers as your advocates and representatives. We can help you recover compensation based on a full and fair evaluation of the damages you have suffered and will suffer as a result of employment law violations by an employer.

Your willingness to come forward and take legal action may have a hand in positively influencing the employer's, and perhaps the industry's, practices and policies going forward. It is in your best interests to speak with an experienced employment law attorney as soon as possible. You may be able to take legal action against a current or former employer.

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