Fair Labor Standards Act (Wage & Hour) Litigation

Get Paid If You Have Been Underpaid Or Not Received Overtime Pay From Your Employer In The Past Two Years

Nonexempt employees, and exempt employees in some cases, are protected by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) whether they are employed by a private, public or governmental employer.

The FLSA is applicable in cases of:

  • Employee classification claims (e.g., misclassification of nonexempt vs. exempt and full-time employee vs. contractor)
  • Wage and hour claims (e.g., minimum wage violation)
  • Unpaid overtime claims (for nonexempt, exempt and some commissioned employees)

At Reich & Binstock, we handle cases on behalf of clients and classes of employees in Texas and throughout the United States. Based in Houston, we are accessible, experienced and able to manage litigation anywhere in the nation. Our attorneys are highly regarded nationally, and we are accomplished at managing class-actions and multidistrict litigation (MDL), which involve employees of large employers across geographic regions.

Were You Underpaid? Do You Have A Claim For Overtime Or Unpaid Wages?

Employers of all types may attempt to underpay employees through many complex means. Payroll is often the largest expense that employers have on their balance sheets. In some cases, underpayment of workers is due to a misinterpretation of the law. Other cases involve deliberate legal violations.

We can help you file an FSLA claim against a current or former employer if you believe a payment violation occurred at any time within the last two years. We represent workers in every type of industry, and we can protect you against employer acts of retaliation, which are also illegal and could warrant an additional lawsuit.

Wage And Hour Claims In Texas

Wage and hour claims against employers in Texas have tripled in the last decade, averaging about 1,000 in each of the last few years. Hospitality industry companies and businesses experiencing rapid growth frequently make FLSA violations.

For example, oil field services companies have had some well-publicized violations in recent years. In August 2014, Native Oilfield Services was ruled to have willfully violated the FLSA by a federal jury in Dallas. Native was required to pay millions of dollars to sand truck drivers who were owed overtime pay after being forced to wait around for available trucks each morning while not being paid.

We Will Help You File Your Claim And Remain Protected

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