Environmental Litigation

A property owner may be entitled to recover damages for personal and property injury resulting from the property's exposure to harmful substances. Reich & Binstock provides experienced and effective representation to property contamination victims.

Chemical Exposure And Contamination Litigation

Reich & Binstock's attorneys were lead counsel in a case that achieved a substantial settlement on behalf of neighborhood residents whose property had been contaminated by petroleum from a leaking underground storage tank at a major oil company's gasoline station. The underground storage tank plume involved in the case was described as one of the largest plumes emanating from a retail gas station in the United States. Our attorneys have represented numerous individuals' property damage claims involving retail gas stations in Texas, the District of Columbia, Alabama, Massachusetts and Florida. Reich & Binstock's property contamination litigation track record includes the following:

  • Peters v. Amoco Oil Co., 57 F. Supp.2d 1268 (M.D. Ala. 1999) Reich & Binstock was a member of the plaintiffs' steering committee in a multidistrict litigation practice group.
  • In re: Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE) Products Liability Litigation, 175 F. Supp.2d 593 (S.D. New York, 2001)

This case uncovered a substantial wealth of material indicating that the major oil companies predicted the massive problems that have been caused by MTBE leaking from underground storage tanks. In addition, discovery revealed that one of the major oil companies commissioned a study that proved that people can taste MTBE in water at a concentration as low as 40 parts per trillion (500 times lower than EPA standards).

Reich & Binstock's Chemical Exposure And Underground Pollution Litigation

  • Reich & Binstock was co-lead counsel in a class action suit involving arsenic emissions that contaminated the groundwater in an area affecting the property values and the health of the residents. The emissions were from a facility that manufactures arsenic-containing pesticides, insecticides and fungicides. The action was settled against defendants for $55 million.
  • Our firm was lead counsel in a case involving the representation of a child born with multiple birth defects — including spina bifida, paralysis, blindness, mental retardation and seizures — caused by her parents' exposure to organic solvents while the father worked at a chemical plant in South Texas. The case was successfully resolved for a confidential settlement amount.
  • Reich & Binstock attorney Michael Howell represented the owners of residential property whose homes were polluted with chlorinated hydrocarbons from a nearby chemical plant. The chlorinated hydrocarbons migrated from one of the largest chemical manufacturing complexes in southern Brazoria County, Texas.
  • Our firm represented a large group of emergency responders and residents that were injured from a release of hydrofluoric acid from a gasoline alkylation unit used to increase the octane levels of gasoline. We learned that some hydrofluoric acid facilities in Mexico take greater safety precautions for hydrofluoric acid than gasoline manufacturers in the United States.
  • Reich & Binstock attorney Michael Howell represented a group of homeowners who suffered perchloroethylene (a/k/a tetrachloroethylene or "PERC") contamination on their properties from a large dry-cleaning operation. The settlement included cash compensation to all plaintiffs and a property value protection plan that protected the homeowners for future losses in property values.
  • Our firm achieved a settlement for a landowner in Montgomery County, Texas, when chemical contamination from a chemical waste dump migrated underneath his property.
  • Additionally, we have represented hundreds of individuals involving chemical contamination from mercury, DDT, dieldrin, BHC and arsenic.

Dennis Reich represents people who have been exposed to lead due to lead and zinc mining.

Reich & Binstock Experienced In Oil Field Contamination Cases

  • Reich & Binstock attorneys Dennis Reich and Michael Howell represented hundreds of individuals in a successful suit involving personal injury and property damage from contaminated well water that resulted from an underground blowout of an oil well. The case was tried by a jury in Harris County, Texas, during a six-week period. The case successfully settled on appeal.
  • Our firm was appointed lead class counsel in a case involving the settlement of contaminated water wells and diminution in property values from oilfield waste near Tomball, Texas. We achieved a settlement that included cash compensation to all property owners, installation of a freshwater supply line and plugging of contaminated water wells for three residential subdivisions.

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