Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery Errors

An increasing number of surgeons are performing procedures, in effect, by remote control with robotic instruments. Unfortunately, thousands of adverse events, some of which were marked by documented patient deaths, have been associated with these procedures.

U.S. law firms are receiving thousands of calls about serious internal injuries, including organ punctures and burns, following their advertising of the nature of the robotic surgical system's problems, some of which had tragic results.

How Reich & Binstock Can Help

The attorneys at Reich & Binstock have leveraged their considerable experience and expertise in product liability and in wrongful death litigation to protect the right to compensation of robotic surgery victims and their families.

When a patient is seriously injured in a surgical procedure, the victim or the victim's next-of-kin has a right to hold the responsible parties accountable. That maxim applies to medical personnel, and it also applies to makers of surgical systems whose product defect or inadequate training of surgeons results in foreseeable serious injury or death. There is a justice system in place to adjudicate such matters.

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