Amusement Park Accidents

When A Day Of Fun Turns To Fear

Amusement parks can be a wonderful way to add some fun and excitement to life. For instance, rocketing through the sky on a roller coaster can be a thrill. Unfortunately, hundreds of Americans each year are injured at amusement parks through no fault of their own.

The Responsibility Of Owners And Operators

For the most part, rides and thrill attractions at theme parks are considered to be safe. The owners and operators of amusement parks have a responsibility to their guests to ensure that the attractions are safe and well-maintained; however, in rare instances, some participants suffer serious and even fatal injuries due to some form of negligence at the park.

Amusement park accidents can result from a wide range of causes, including electrical malfunctions, mechanical problems and operator error.

Choose A Lawyer Who Understands Amusement Park Cases

Amusement park accident lawsuits can be unique in the methods and obstacles that may be faced during the litigation. For this reason, if you have been injured in an amusement park accident, having an experienced attorney from Reich & Binstock fighting for your rights can be a tremendous benefit to your claim.

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