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April 2017 Archives

How long truck drivers are permitted to work in one day

There are many rules that Texas drivers must follow. These include speed limits, stoplights and signs, work equipment, signaling turns, yielding in the appropriate circumstances, being in the correct lane and many others. These rules are designed to keep the drivers safe. Another big factor for keeping the roads safe is making sure that drivers are paying attention to the road and alert. That is why people are not supposed to drive if they are drinking or too tired.

Medical malpractice: System and operator errors in EHR systems

Electronic health records (EHR) are fast replacing handwritten and typed medical records of patients. The aim is for physicians to provide better care, create a healthier population and lower the per capita health care costs. So far, it has improved documentation and legibility of medical documents and records.

Company recalls 600,000 defective drug inhalers

Illnesses and injuries can limit people's ability to perform daily tasks, which can range from annoying to devastating, depending on the limitations. In order to make life better and to improve one's health, people rely on prescription medication. Due to this reliance, they expect the prescription drug to work as advertised.

Manufacturers' indemnification of sellers for defective products

Before products end up in consumers' possession, the product must be invented, designed, assembled and sold. This generally involves a few different people or companies. Two main entities have the greatest part in getting the product to consumers, though.

Types of drug recalls from the FDA

There are many things that people in Texas purchase to improve their lives. This could be various technology to assist in common household tasks or better televisions, phones and other electronics to make life more enjoyable. People also buy things to improve their bodies and health as well, like vitamins, supplements or pharmaceutical drugs.

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