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A Pain in the Mouth

Many people assume drugs from a pharmacy, especially those sold over the counter, are safe. Most are when taken as directed, but a new warning has surfaced regarding a popular medication used to combat mouth pain, especially in teething children.

What is a Parent's Potential Civil Liability for Their Children's Actions?

If you turn on the news today, you often see tragic events: murders, car accidents, gun violence, prostitution stings; these are all horrific events. Most people are familiar with the criminal consequences of something like drunk driving. However, for parents, there could be looming costs for a defense attorney, should their child commit a bad act against another person.

Who pays the price when medication causes you injury?

If you or someone you love is one of thousands of people in Texas who suffer from mental health problems, you likely understand how challenging it can be to obtain proper care and support. Some people hesitate to seek assistance because they're embarrassed by their conditions, while others are currently active in treatment programs but are facing problems associated with medication and/or quality of care.

From the Pharmacy to the Street

Our country is in the midst of an "opioid epidemic." This headline, along with similar sensationalism, appears in a slew of publications from "Time Magazine" to the "New York Times." People are dying from opioid overdoses (medication used to treat pain) at an exorbitant rate. 1 in 5 young adults (ages 25-34) according to "Time Health." There are plenty of other hard statistics (opioid-related deaths doubled from 2009-2016, opioids were related to 1.5% of all deaths in 2016), but causes, strategies, and solutions to the problem remain up in the air.

The 2 top reasons medical devices were recalled in 2017

A five-year study carried out by Stericycle Expert Solutions shows alarming trends when it comes to why medical devices are recalled. Researchers found that 25.7 percent of them in the final quarter of 2017 had software flaws that prevented them from functioning as intended. This wasn't a new trend. This had been the leading reason for recalls for seven quarters.

Civil Liability of Gun Manufacturers

When you are the tragic victim of gun violence, often people think that the criminal law is the best way to remedy the situation. However, there could be other remedies when you are injured because of the criminal or negligent use of firearms. However, current federal law has a generally disbars suits against firearm manufacturers.

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