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February 2019 Archives

Most medical device recalls are caused by software glitches

A report published earlier this month by Stericycle Expert Solutions, a U.S. company that manages product recalls, highlighted how problems with software resulted in a significant number of recalls of medical devices during the final three months of 2018. This reason mirrors what has been recorded during previous quarters by the company in their "recall index".

Discoveries in Texas Court Part 1: Interrogatories

Welcome to part one of our 5-part series on discoveries in Texas Court. As you learned from the introduction, the discovery process is an important part of the civil procedure that obtains evidence from other parties prior to the trial. One of the devices used in this collection of evidence is "Interrogatories."

An Introduction to Discoveries in Texas Court

In a lawsuit, both parties prepare information to be used during the trial to sway the judge and jury to back their argument. Oftentimes, one side has specific knowledge to which the other is not aware. They cannot just throw this information around mid-trial, or the entire legal system could end up looking like a zany sideshow. This is the law after all...justice, order, the glue that holds our society together. To keep things professional, honest, and fair, the trial goes through a process called "discovery," where the goals are to uncover the truth, clarify the evidence for trial, and to set the stage for a settlement.

Seat Belt Replacement: Don't Let it Slip Under the Radar

When you're flying down the highway in a car, it's fast, it's fun, and it just might save you a minute or two getting to your destination. Nobody plans on getting into an accident, but when the rare, unfortunate event occurs, your life may very well depend on a small belt keeping you secure in your seat. Not only will the seat belt prevent you from shooting through the windshield, but it allows the air bag to work properly.

Hours-of-service rules cause truckers to speed, motorist to die

An uptick in fatal truck crash rates in recent years may attributable to tractor-trailer operators rushing to take a rest break so that they don't violate Department of Transportation regulations. The federal hours-of-service rule requires truckers to take a 30-minute break after driving eight hours and restricts them from driving in excess of 11 hours per each 14-hour period.

Vaccination Proclamation

Vaccines are an important part of our culture because they prevent diseases, thus saving lives. Most people who get vaccinated notice no ill effects and reap all the benefits. Like any medication, side effects can occur, but they are rare. In a small percentage of cases, a vaccine can cause a severe allergic reaction. Here's where the National Vaccine Compensation Program (NVCP) comes in. People who do suffer a serious problem related to a vaccine can receive financial compensation through a settlement.

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