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A potential national NuvaRing lawsuit settlement


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Even as the possibility of a mass NuvaRing lawsuit settlement looms, a judicial body based in Washington continues to transfer federal cases to a multidistrict federal trial court in the Eastern District of Missouri.

If 95 percent of the nation’s nearly 4,000 NuvaRing lawsuit plaintiffs opt in to a national settlement agreement with Merck, the contraceptive’s manufacturer, then the pharmaceutical corporation will spend about $100 million to cut settlement deals with the victims.

A committee of plaintiffs’ lawyers would determine the amount of each settlement based on the severity of the injury. Heart attack, stroke and venous thromboembolism events such as a deep vein thrombosis and a pulmonary embolism have been among the possibilities.

Those women who used NuvaRing and who developed blood clot injuries did the right thing by filing suit and pursuing the compensation to which they allegedly were entitled.

In the meantime, the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation has consolidated nearly 1,700 NuvaRing lawsuits before Eastern Missouri’s federal trial court. The panel on April 1 moved four Northern California federal cases to Missouri despite plaintiffs’ demands.

Settlement talks came at about the time a bellwether NuvaRing lawsuit trial was scheduled to emerge from the Missouri cluster. Those federal suits allege, according to the panel, that “the manufacturer of NuvaRing failed to adequately warn of the risks associated with the use of the product, and/or that the NuvaRing product is otherwise defective and unreasonably dangerous.”

Patients injured due to the unreasonable risks posed by NuvaRing or by another pharmaceutical product would improve their chances of getting a settlement by hiring a law firm experienced in handling product liability lawsuits against the manufacturers. Reich & Binstock has such attorneys, and they give free consultations.

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