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Don’t Be A Holiday Statistic!


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It’s that time of year again! With Christmas and Hanukah just around the corner, people are getting their homes ready and are filling the streets looking for gifts, looking at lights or just enjoying the wintery weather. With the increase in activity comes an increase in the risk for accidents.

One of the most common types of holiday accidents is, of course, car accidents.  

According to USA Today, AAA estimates that during this Christmas and New Year’s season, nearly 95 million Americans will hit the road, traveling long distances to visit friends and family. Unfortunately, during the end-of-year holiday travel period, nearly 27,900 Americans will be seriously injured in auto accidents, and more than 250 will die. The reason for the increase in accidents is not only because of the increase in people hitting the road but also stems from dangerous winter weather conditions, alcohol consumption and distracted driving.

In addition to car accidents, another common type of accident that occurs during the holiday season involves people hurting themselves while decorating. Accidents like this are particularly common when people drink and decorate, a phenomenon knowns as “DUI”-decorating under the influence. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission found that the number of ER cases that have to do with holiday decorating has risen significantly in the past several years – from 12,000 cases in 2009 to 15,000 last year.

Other less common holiday accidents involve people annually people cutting themselves with scissors and knives while attempting to open presents and children having to go to the hospital after swallowing the contents of gifts under the tree like perfume and cologne.

So, while you should enjoy the season and fully take it in, don’t forget to use caution and common sense! Don’t be a holiday statistic. 

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