Exploding E-Cigarettes and Demands for a Recall

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Today, many people are turning to using e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking. The belief-however false-is that e-cigarettes are a safer alternative.  As I discussed in a previous blog, this belief is not based in reality. E-cigarettes can cause an array of health ailments, including popcorn lung. In addition to harming your health because of chemicals, e-cigarettes can also harm you by exploding. News stories have been popping up all across the globe about exploding e-cigarettes.

The most recent explosion was caught on video and reported on by the Today Show. The video shows an e-cigarette apparently exploding in a man’s pocket as he rides a bus in California. The flame was so intense that it burned through his pants. Experts say this can happen when the lithium-ion battery overheats. The concern about the safety of e-cigarettes has grown so much that Senator Chuck Schumer is demanding a recall. So, if you’re inclined to think that e-cigarettes are a safer alternative, think twice! 

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