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Not just drivers can be liable in Texas truck accidents


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Last week, we discussed the fact that federal as well as Texas regulations have certain requirements that companies operating large commercial vehicles must follow. While the agency that investigates the violations and some of the time restrictions change depending on whether the trucking company is engaged in interstate or intrastate commerce with its fleet, in either case, when such regulations relating to the safety of the vehicles or status of the drivers are not followed, the company itself may be liable for injuries that result.

While suing a negligent truck driver for injuries caused in an accident may be the most obvious action to take, it may not always be the only one available, or in the best interests of the victim and his or her family. The facts are that most drivers will not have the personal resources to compensate victims fully, even if a judgement is rendered against them. Corporations, on the other hand, often have reserves of cash or assets that may be reachable after a legal judgement against the company.

One reason the law would allow this is that companies that benefit from the use of public advantages like roads and the complex economy provided by society to sell and transport goods also have a responsibility to others who use those same roads and that economy. When those corporations fail to follow the regulations set out by the governing bodies meant to help keep the public safe, and injuries or death result, the victims need to be made whole. Further, the hope is that the prospect of having to pay out large penalties in case of accident will be an incentive to companies to comply with regulations even if it costs them something in the short-term.

A truck accident can change the lives of people involved. Permanent disability, serious injury and death can occur when large vehicles collide with smaller cars. This fact means that society has a responsibility to keep companies that operate such vehicle from being negligent in such operation. One way to do this is civil recovery of damages from those responsible for accidents that cause these injuries. An experienced Texas personal injury attorney who has handles cases against trucking companies before might be a good choice for people who find themselves devastated by such incidents. For more information on the subject, you are invited to peruse this web page on truck accidents.

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