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Is the Wine Really Fine?

If you buy organic foods and beverages, you should be technically safe from glyphosate exposure because the chemical is not allowed in organic farming. But it has recently been discovered in wine...even organic wine. The organic wine tested at a lower glyphosate rate, but the chemical was still present.

Weedkiller for Breakfast?

When I was a kid, my mother worried about the high sugar content in breakfast cereals. Now, a more nefarious chemical is present: Glyphosate. An active ingredient in Monsanto's weed killer Roundup, glyphosate has been linked to cancer.

A Rocket in Your Pocket

Vaping e-cigarettes is safer than smoking tobacco. This seems to be the general consensus among the population. While the debate about health and lung safety between vaping and smoking warrants its own post, it is safe to assume a rolled cigarette will not explode in your face or pocket. The same cannot be said about the electronic cigarette.

From Airbag to Body Bag

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive around with a live hand grenade attached your steering wheel that could explode at the slightest collision? It sounds farcical, but there's a good chance you are doing exactly that.

It's Not All Fun and Games at the Toy Store

Ever had your flesh sliced by a snap bracelet? Or how about your child feeling drugged after accidentally eating part of a toy? Maybe your son was playing CSI and the finger print powder eerily mimicked the affects of asbestos. These are all real cases of defective children's toys. And yes, as outrageous as it sounds, GHB, a common date-rape drug, was found in Aqua Dots. And Spin Master (the makers) knew about it! Needless to say, they paid $1.3 million in fines. Countless other toys have caused unnecessary suffering and while many of the manufacturers paid damages in a lawsuit or outright halted production, some still remain on the market.

Are breast implants causing cancer? 3 FAQs

The choice to get breast implants is a very personal decision. This decision can be part of the healing process after a mastectomy or can stem from a desire to build confidence in one's appearance. Regardless of the reasoning behind the decision, it is a fairly common one. Recent statistics show that approximately 400,000 women in the United States get breast implants every year.

Manufacturers' indemnification of sellers for defective products

Before products end up in consumers' possession, the product must be invented, designed, assembled and sold. This generally involves a few different people or companies. Two main entities have the greatest part in getting the product to consumers, though.

Overcoming the presumption that certain products are safe

There have been many inventions and products over the years that help people in Texas with many different projects or actions. Some products are better than others, but overall life has become much easier because of these various products. Sometimes these products break though. This can be frustrating, but it can become a real big problem if the product causes an injury to the user. These injuries can be very serious and change a person's life.

What is the statute of limitations for products liability?

You may have heard the term 'statute of limitations' before. You might also have a vague idea that it has something to do with when a case can be filed, which is generally correct. The idea behind a statute of limitations is twofold. First, it is to encourage that legal cases be brought expeditiously after an injury or event has occurred, so that the evidence and other information used in a legal proceeding is available and relatively fresh. Second, it is to take away a bit of uncertainty in the process, so that people and businesses aren't continually worrying about being sued for very old acts or omissions.

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