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Pharmaceutical Drug Liability


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Pharmaceutical companies exist to make a profit. It’s as simple as that. They know that the price individuals place on their own lives is limitless. So, they charge outrageous prices for the drugs we require to stay alive. The problem is, many of these companies are so desperate to churn a profit on their supposed “lifesaving” medications, that they will bypass any concern for your safety in order to sell you their drugs. This is where pharmaceutical drug liability comes in.

Drug Manufacturer’s Disregard

Indeed, there have been countless cases over the past several decades of drug companies peddling what amounts to poison to the American public. Tragically, these cases have left many of their victims dead, disabled or far worse off than they would have been if they had never taken the drug in the first place. This senseless disregard for human life is a disgrace to the medical profession. And, these unscrupulous drug companies need to be brought to justice.

Pharmaceutical Drug Liability for Drug Manufacturers

Drug manufacturers have a legal obligation to warn their customers of any potential side effects of their medications, so patients can make informed decisions about their health. Drug manufacturers also have a duty to stay up-to-date and informed on any new medical knowledge that might reveal potential health hazards associated with their products.

When Texas patients are hurt by drug manufacturers who negligently or knowingly fail to inform them of health risks associated with their products, they can pursue legal claims for justice and financial restitution. If successfully navigated, such a personal injury lawsuit could net injured parties money to pay for their doctors’ bills, time spent unable to work, disabilities and other costs stemming from their defective drug injuries.

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