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Trucking Accident Settlements


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Anytime someone is in an accident it can generate anxiety. If the victim of the accident happens to have suffered some level of injury, whether slight or catastrophic, the anxiety can escalate. Such emotional pressure and physical pain puts the victim at a distinct disadvantage when pursuing compensation, something insurance companies well know. Trucking accident settlements or compensation of any kind is the last thing on the truck accident victim’s mind.

In fact, they often try to take advantage of such conditions in hopes of settling a claim quickly and cheaply. One way an accident victim in Houston can alleviate pressure is by enlisting the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Trucking Accident Settlements in Texas

All accidents have the potential to be devastating, but risks are higher when the accident involves a tractor-trailer truck. Damage to property and people is greater. Because a commercial vehicle is involved, possible violations of federal and state regulations could be a factor. The stakes are high for insurers, too, which gives them even more incentive to do what they can to control the claims process.

Should You Accept a Truck Accident Settlement?

Whether or not you should accept settle if an offer is made depends on the circumstances of your case. Obviously, you want to be sure you do what’s best to protect your interests.

Settling usually involves some form of alternative dispute resolution. These could include mediation, negotiation or arbitration. Methods of ADR can have the advantage of being less costly than going to court. Achieving resolution is usually quicker, too.

On the downside, settling usually means that you, as a plaintiff, forego any further legal claim in the case. The award you receive could well be less than it would be if you succeeded in court. Settling also rules out the possibility of the liable defendant suffering punitive damages that might prevent negligent or reckless behavior in the future.

Regardless of how you choose to proceed, working with skilled legal counsel is the way to be confident that your rights are protected.

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