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Types of drug recalls from the FDA


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There are many things that people in Texas purchase to improve their lives. This could be various technology to assist in common household tasks or better televisions, phones and other electronics to make life more enjoyable. People also buy things to improve their bodies and health as well, like vitamins, supplements or pharmaceutical drugs.

When people purchase these various items, they expect them to work as they are supposed to work. Defective products cannot only be inconvenient, but also can be dangerous. This is especially true when people are taking pharmaceutical drugs.

If these drugs have insufficient warnings or have undisclosed side effects, they can lead to severe injuries. If people suffer injuries due to defective drugs, the manufacture may have pharmaceutical liability and need to compensate the victim.

To help protect the public from defective drugs, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalls drugs that may be defective. There are different types of recalls though, depending on the danger involved with the drug. A Class I recall is for drugs, which may cause serious adverse effects or death.

A Class II recall is for drugs, which may cause temporary injuries or injuries that can be reversed through other medical treatment. And, a Class III is for drugs that are not likely to cause severe adverse effects.

Unfortunately, defective drugs have injured many people in New Jersey. FDA recalls can help others from suffering similar health problems due to the defects, but before the recall can happen, usually people have already suffered adverse health effects.

The victims of these injuries may be entitled to compensation from the pharmaceutical manufacturer of the drug. Experienced attorneys may be able to protect people’s rights and guide one through the process.

Source: FDA.gov, “Safety – Background and Definitions,” accessed on April 3, 2017

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