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Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents


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Motor vehicle accident deterrence is a global concern. According to Automobile Magazine, more than 30,000 people are killed on U.S. roads every year. And, about 90 percent of those accidents are due to human error. So, what are the main causes of commercial truck accidents in Texas?

Most Common Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents

It should come as no great surprise that the most deadly accidents, whether they occur in Texas or elsewhere in the country, tend to occur when huge semitrailer trucks are involved. And, in keeping with the statistics above, some of the most common reasons they happen are because of unsafe acts by drivers.

Negligent Drivers Contribute to Trucking Accidents

You’ll notice that the blame doesn’t rest only on truck drivers. Car drivers carry a good deal of the burden. They make the majority of the traffic on the road, after all. There’s also the additional element that car drivers often don’t understand the limits of their vehicles or those of the trucks around them.

Such actions as driving in areas behind or beside the truck, where the trucker’s sight is blocked, cause a lot of accidents. Making sudden lane changes is another problem. Too often, car drivers pull out into traffic ahead of a big rig before achieving an appropriate speed.

But truckers cannot be left off the hook, and nor can their employers. A lot of factors can lead to human error on their part. Some drivers suffer from inadequate training in safe driving techniques. Company policies around pay may encourage drivers to speed or stay on the road long after they should have taken a break.

Another issue with semis is that if they break down on the road, the fallout can be greater than it might be with a standard vehicle. Trucks require a lot more maintenance to be sure they are running at peak levels.

As you can see, a lot of factors can be involved in a truck accident. To learn where liability rests and whether seeking compensation for damages might be called for, it’s best to get in touch with an attorney right away.

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