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The Dangers of Trucker Drivers With SA

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Data published recently by the trucking trade publication FreightWaves captures how only four percent of all Americans suffer from sleep apnea (SA). It shows how an alarming 35% of truckers suffer from the same condition though. This sleep disorder affects the quality of an individual’s rest and makes them vulnerable to develop heart disease and other related conditions. It’s dangerous enough out on the road without motorists being fatigued or unhealthy. This is why the fact that at least one-third of truckers are unwell is so alarming. So, what are the dangers of truck drivers with SA? What are the sleep apnea DOT requirements?

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Types of SA

There are many different types of SA. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is the most common type among truckers. It causes an individual’s mouth palate and throat muscles to relax and subsequently collapse. This causes a blockage of an individual’s airway.

Individuals who suffer from OSA often suffer from generalized fatigue. They experience regular daytime sleepiness. This drowsiness is generally accompanied by an intellectual decline. Individuals who have OSA may be obese, suffer from hypertension, heart disease and other medical conditions. All of these make for a combustible situation, especially for truck drivers with SA. This is especially the case given how heavy trucks can be when fully loaded or how dangerous they can be if they strike a vehicle while traveling at a high rate of speed.

Were You Injured by a Truck Driver With SA in Texas?

SA patients who fail to bring their condition under control put the motorists that they share the road with at risk for being unnecessarily hurt or killed in a crash. If you suspect that your Houston crash can be attributed to a trucker’s untreated SA, then a truck accident attorney can help. It’s important for truckers to adhere to the sleep apnea DOT regulations in order to prevent accidents. Your Houston 18 wheeler accident attorney can let you know how Texas law affords individuals the right to recover compensation for their injuries from most any party found liable for hurting them.

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