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What dangers does a truck’s unsecured load pose?


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Although it goes against U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations to do so, many Texas truckers take their chances and drive with unsecured loads all the time. This doesn’t only pose an enormous danger to themselves but also anyone that they share the road with here in Houston.

There are many reasons that loads may go unsecured. Unless the truck’s operator supervises the loading of their trailer, then the shipper may not take the time to activate the load straps or bars to hold everything in place.

If an operator gets behind the wheel of their truck and drives erratically, then their load may bounce around inside of the trailer. If they back or brake quickly, bump a dock or try to quickly navigate a corner, then it’s possible for a trucker’s freight to shift as well.

Semitruck operators who fail to properly secure their loads put themselves (and others) at risk of being struck by objects when they open their trailer’s doors. They also risk damaging any fragile merchandise.

Their failure to secure their load can also affect motorists who they share the road with. Shifted loads can cause a truck’s weight to become unevenly distributed. This can affect braking times. This can cause a crash’s impact to be much more forceful than it otherwise would be. This can result in more serious injuries for motorcyclists, those riding in passenger cars and operating other trucks.

Shippers should always secure their loads when filling trailers to make sure that their merchandise safely arrives at its destination. If they don’t, then it’s the responsibility of the tractor-trailer operator to ensure that this occurs. If they don’t obey DOT regulations and you get hurt, then an attorney may advise you of your right to recover compensation.

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