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In several devoted religions, members of the church are taught to respect church leaders and officials of the highest earthly authority. For some, this puts church leaders ahead of even police and politicians. Because of the Mormons’ strong authoritarian culture and one of their core values being respect for authority, many participants of the Mormon faith believed that their church leaders were of the highest authority. After confiding in these leaders and reporting their assaults to no avail, victims of abuse generally had no other way to stand up for themselves.

If you are one of these victims of Latter-Day Saints Mormon Church abuse, you have a right to have your voice heard and receive compensation for your trauma. Our Houston abuse attorneys at Reich & Binstock can help you. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

The Mormon Church is a loose subclass of Christianity belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). There are over 15 million recognized members of the Mormon Church worldwide. 

LDS Mormons share many beliefs common to those of Christian’s. Some of what they believe includes the crucifixion, resurrection, and divinity of Jesus. However, they do not believe in the Holy Trinity, meaning they believe that Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit are all independent of one another. 

Mormons believe in four core books that hold their teachings. One of these is the Bible. The others include the Doctrine and Covenants, the Book of Mormon, and The Pearl of Great Price. In life, members of the Mormon Church follow various health and lifestyle requirements. As such, caffeine and alcohol are not a part of their diet. Their core values include good deeds, family, missionary work, and respect for authority.

Unfortunately, as we’ve seen in other denominations and religions, a growing number of abuse allegations have come forward regarding the Mormon Church. The Mormon Church is just one religious organization of thousands wherein claims of sexual abuse and the enabling of abuse have been uncovered. 

In recent years, several families have reported child sex abuse by prominent leaders in the Mormon Church. Other cases include Mormon fathers raping their daughters and child grooming practices by highly regarded members of the church, including bishops.

Cases of abuse in the Mormon Church date back decades. Many of these cases didn’t go unreported, though. Accounts tell of survivors confiding in trusted church leaders about their assaults, but instead of protecting its members, the leaders often chose to protect the church instead. In one case, a woman claimed she told church leaders of her abuse and was told that it was “in the hands of God.”

In addition, the LDS Church has been accused of hiding claims of abuse by directing the reports to the church lawyers before they were able to reach police.

In some cases, victims of abuse were even bribed to keep quiet. The Mormon Church has reportedly offered victims large amounts of monetary compensation to keep quiet about the abuse they suffered in the church.

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