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Construction Zones and Truck Accidents

Construction Zones and Truck Accidents

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Construction zones can be dangerous for drivers under the best of circumstances. However, when careless truckers enter the mix, construction areas can become deadly. We explain how to avoid truck accidents in construction zones.

Signs to Avoid Truck Accidents in Construction Zones

Transportation officials often place signs warning motorists to exercise extreme caution when driving in highway work zones. These signs warn of reduced speed limits in these areas and the penalties for not adhering to them.

Government agencies post signs like this to protect construction workers who are actively on the ground putting down cones, painting lines, taking samples of the roadway or operating heavy machinery. Transportation officials also post reduced speed and other signs to warn motorists that they’re fast coming up on uneven pavement, narrow or closed lanes or road debris. Injured construction workers should contact a construction accident lawyer Houston as soon as possible.

Truck Driving Mistakes

Truck drivers are supposed to be expert motorists. They operate vehicles for a living and have enhanced driver’s licenses after all. However, accidents still do happen because truckers are humans and thus make mistakes.

Rear End Collisions

Rear-end collisions are an issue because truck drivers fail to recognize the slower vehicles in front of them. They don’t often give themselves enough time to stop.

Head On Collisions

Head-on collisions take place as a result of truck drivers becoming tired or distracted and crossing the centerline. They may also swerve to avoid some obstruction in the road. Truck drivers may not give themselves adequate space to merge into traffic and cause a collision. They may crash into other vehicles as a result of failing to check their blind spots as well. Truckers are often working on tight timelines. It’s common for them to cause a crash because they’re traveling too fast for conditions.

Unprofessional Drivers in Construction Zones

Truckers are professional drivers, and thus many of us expect them to drive more safely than others. They often don’t, though. Drivers may find themselves pressed for time or out on the road after getting too little sleep or a heated conversation with a boss or loved one. They may be distracted by their phone, music or a chat. All of these can make them just as dangerous as the next motorist. The only difference is that they’re driving a much larger vehicle that can cause more significant damage.

Houston Truck Accident Lawyer for Construction Zone Accidents

If you have been in a construction zone accident involving a tractor-trailer in Houston, you may be eligible for monetary damages. An experienced Houston truck accident attorney can look at the evidence in your Houston case and let you know your prospects of winning if you file a lawsuit here in Texas. Construction zones and truck accidents sometimes go hand in hand, so having a qualified personal injury attorney is a must.

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