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Catastrophic injuries are hard on a person’s life and finances. Whether those injuries keep you from working for a few months or even permanently, Reich & Binstock of Houston handles every case meticulously. Our powerhouse team with over 30 years of legal experience is on the cutting edge of litigation. We focus on getting you the best compensation, recovery, and reimbursement for your catastrophic injury case.

A catastrophic injury is one in which the victim is permanently prevented from performing any gainful work. This means that, as a result of the accident, you sustained permanent damage. Usually, these injuries result from damage to the brain, spinal cord, or other vital parts of the body.

These injuries happen without warning, and result in a number of debilitating losses, like loss of limbs, the ability to walk, or even mental cognition. Below, we list different types of catastrophic injury.

Houston is a large, bustling city. Many sources exist for dangerous accidents and catastrophic injuries. Below, we’ve listed possible causes of catastrophic injuries.

By volume, catastrophic work injuries comprise under 1% of all workers’ comp claims. However, they produce up to 20% of all total workers’ comp losses. Because the injuries are so severe, victims’ medical bills often exceed $100,000. They also may result in years, or even decades, of expensive treatments.

Our lawyers can help you file your workers’ comp claim to make life a little easier after your accident. While compensation won’t take away your injury, it can take away the financial burden that comes along with it. Our attorneys at Reich & Binstock know the hardships that catastrophic injury victims face, and we know how to protect their futures.

As experienced injury lawyers, we consider many aspects when valuing a case. Rather than giving a case specific worth, we will explain what we take into consideration while valuing your case. To receive a more accurate estimate, we recommend setting up a free consultation with our attorneys right away.

Compensatory damages encompass most of your case’s worth. These damages are those in which the victim receives compensation for financial losses, as well as mental or emotional damages.

  • Medical bills - All therapy sessions, hospital bills, treatment costs, and estimated future costs are taken into account while valuing a case.
  • Loss of income - If you cannot work after your accident, you will lose income. This financial loss is very important in valuing a case. Lost income includes both lost wages and lost benefits.
  • Property damages - Some victims suffer property damage in the form of a totalled car or broken electronics and other valuables. Our attorneys consider these losses when we value our cases.
  • Pain and suffering - This includes more abstract examples of accident-related losses. Physical pain, loss of enjoyment, or emotional distress can greatly detract from one’s quality of life. Therefore, we consider this to be important in a case’s value.

Our attorneys will ease your stress from filing complicated injury claims. Our aim is to make your life easier and to get you as much compensation from your claim as possible. We recommend following the below steps to file your catastrophic injury claim.

  1. Find out if an insurance policy covers the accident. If you think someone else is legally responsible for your injury, find out if they have insurance or liability coverage. Their policy might kick in to cover part of your claim. 
  2. Hire Reich & Binstock to walk you through the process. For complex catastrophic injury cases, hiring an experienced lawyer is essential. We’ll discuss the legal options for your case, and handle your case on a contingency basis. That means we only accept payment if we earn a settlement or recovery in your favor.
  3. Decide whether or not to file a lawsuit. Most personal injury suits result in a settlement before they go to trial. However, we won’t allow insurance companies to lowball you. For a catastrophic injury, your livelihood could be at stake. We’ll make sure you get just compensation.

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While catastrophic injures are not common, when they do occur, they can be extremely expensive to treat. Those who have sustained a catastrophic injury will have little chance of returning to the life they lived before the injury. If you need a Houston catastrophic injury attorney who will fight aggressively for you or your loved one, Reich & Binstock Law Firm has been dedicated to protecting clients for decades.

Very few personal injury firms have the resources to handle catastrophic injury cases. We have established relationships with experts essential to meeting the unique requirements of a catastrophic injury case.

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