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Hundreds of Americans annually are injured by negligence aboard one of the common means of fee-based general public transportation, including trains, buses, taxis, airlines, tour boards, cruise ships and ferries. In many cases, these injuries are suffered as a result of poor maintenance or a failure to abide by adequate safety measures by those who either work on or are in charge of mass transit vehicles. Such accidents often cause severe and debilitating injuries or even death.

Common carriers are required to provide the utmost care to their passengers. Failure to provide such a high level of care, to ensure passenger safety, can result in the carrier being held financially liable for damages or injuries that a passenger suffers.

When Government Entities Are The Operator

The authorities in charge of operating or regulating mass transit systems are in many cases government entities. Mass transit lawsuits involving government entities present a unique set of challenges to attorneys. Special rules may apply to mass transit litigation that would not necessarily apply to other personal injury lawsuits. This is one reason that someone injured in a mass transit accident should hire one of the experienced attorneys at Reich & Binstock. Our lawyers know how to handle the most complex public transportation accident litigation.

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