Shoulder Dystocia Can Cause Life-Long Defects

When an infant becomes stuck in the birth canal during delivery, shoulder dystocia can occur and seriously injure both the mother and baby. The care your medical professional provides during this type of emergency plays an important role in how much lasting damage occurs. If you, your child or your loved one was injured during the birth process and you believe a member of the hospital staff failed to recognize or adequately provide care, call Reich & Binstock in Houston, Texas, today. We will work closely with you to fully understand your concerns and thoroughly research the details of your case.

What Is Shoulder Dystocia?

Shoulder dystocia is a birth injury that occurs when an infant’s shoulder gets stuck on the mother’s pelvis during birth. It can happen for many reasons, but is most often caused by the baby being unusually large or the mother’s pelvis being abnormally small. When it occurs, the medical staff must act quickly to prevent permanent damage to both the mother and baby. Most injuries take six to 12 months to heal, but damage to nerves or a sustained lack of oxygen to the child during birth can cause permanent defects. Other injuries caused by shoulder dystocia may include:

  • A break in the baby’s arm or collarbone
  • Tearing or bruising of the mother’s cervix
  • Hemorrhaging of the mother
  • Rupturing and bruising of the mother’s uterus or bladder

Reich & Binstock can help you fight for compensation to help cover the medical expenses, suffering and other costs that are related to the injury you or your child sustained. Call us today for experienced and compassionate guidance that can help you after your medical crisis.

We Know Negligence When We See It

Without a background in medicine, it can be difficult to know if the hospital or pharmaceutical staff was negligent before or during labor in such a way that could have led to shoulder dystocia. Our lawyers can help evaluate the specifics of your case and file a claim if medical malpractice was a factor.

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