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For almost a century, there has been knowledge of sexual abuse across the organization of Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Since its founding in 1919, BSA silenced the voices of over 12,000 victims of sexual abuse, actively protecting the reputation of predatorial leaders in “perversion files” that went undisclosed to law enforcement. This silence was broken in 2012, and new evidence exposed both the action of sexual predators and the inaction of BSA leaders who were aware and failed to report incidents of sexual abuse throughout the national organization.

Boy Scouts of America has started to pay for faltering from its moral codes, and to this date, BSA has issued over $150 million in settlements to victims. However, BSA declared bankruptcy in the face of mounting lawsuits, selling out in order to pay out the financial burden of litigating the ongoing and incoming sexual abuse allegations.

Boy Scouts of America is an organization that was founded on the principle of preparation, the value of instilling male youth with the strength to be upstanders to injustice in their communities. Just because the leaders of this organization failed to uphold this mission does not mean that it is too late for members to champion a new code for ethical conduct, one from which no one is exempt. This tradition begins when individuals speak out against their abusers and does not end until perpetrators of sexual abuse are held responsible.

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Recent reform to statutes of limitations allows even decades-old incidents to be viable in a court of law. These cases can include, but are not limited to, childhood abuse during participation in the Boy Scouts. It is important to know that the window for filing a claim will close on November 16, 2020.

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