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Drowsy driving can prove to be just as dangerous as drunk driving

In the media, there's often a lot of talk about drunk driving. While intoxicated drivers claim thousands of lives across the United States each year, drowsy motorists are becoming increasingly dangerous.

In 2013, 72,000 accidents, 44,000 injuries and 800 deaths were attributed to drowsy driving in 2013, according to the most recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The NHTSA said these numbers are just estimates and it is possible that roughly 6,000 fatalities occur every year due to drowsy driving in the U.S.

Can I sue a robotic surgical device manufacturer for my injuries?

Nowadays, doctors aren't always the ones with their hands on the scapel cutting into your body during a surgery, but instead, it's a robot guided by a doctor in another room, city or state instead. This leads many patients to wonder what avenues they can pursue if an autonomous robotic surgical device malfunctions, botches a surgery or otherwise maims or kills them.

The performance of autonomous robotic surgery (ARS) is on the rise in the United States and around the world. Health care administrators have begun outfitting their medical facilities with this cutting edge technology as a way of outdoing their competition and improving patient care.

What psychotropic drugs are known to cause birth defects?

Billions of dollars are spent on medical research every year in the United States and abroad. For the most part, the knowledge that's come out this research has made it possible for medications to be developed that have allowed countless individuals to live both longer and more fulfilling lives. For some people taking prescription drugs, however, they experience either complications or death instead of benefits.

Some recent prescription drugs have been shown to have ill effects on patients or to result in their deaths. These drugs include such psychotropic or neurological medications as Zoloft, Risperdal, Paxil and Depakote. The manufacturers of the these drugs have all been repeatedly sued for the ill effects that patients have suffered as a result of taking them.

Understanding lawsuits and the opiate drug epidemic

According to the Centers for Disease Control, from 2000 to 2015 more than half a million people died from drug overdoses, with 91 Americans dying every day from an opioid-related overdose. Opiates have surpassed heart disease, cancer and lower respiratory disease as the leading cause of death in people under 50 in the United States.

Who is responsible for opiate drug addiction and overdoses?

As this crisis continues to affect people across the nation, and as overdose-related deaths increase, both individuals and states are suing doctors and drug companies.

What's to blame for truck crashes?

Statistics recently released by the Department of Labor (DOL) found that nearly a half-million tractor-trailer crashes happen each year in the United States. Among those, 140,000 include injuries. At least 5,000 people lose their lives in them. The number of big rig crashes doesn't appear to be on the decline either.

Researchers with the DOL found that truckers, much like any other motorists, are often plagued by distracted driving. They, however, note that semitruck drivers appear to be far less irresponsible when compared with your average motorist.

Who can I hold responsible if I take a defective drug?

When it comes to prescription drugs, there's what's referred to as a "learned intermediary." Medications must be prescribed by a medical provider and/or dispensed by a pharmacist before they get into a patient's hands. Therefore, there are several individuals that bear the responsibility of advising a patient of the potential risks of taking it.

These same people are also likely to be on the front line treating patients who suffer ill effects from taking a drug. It's their responsibility to inform the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) of any known complications posed by them.

Has your hernia mesh caused more complication than repair?

If you have suffered from a hernia, you may need surgery to correct the issue. Knowing you need surgery may make you apprehensive, even while you look forward to experiencing relief from your pain and other complications. Unfortunately, if your surgeon uses hernia mesh as part of your operation, you could face further complications.

What is hernia mesh?

This device is made up of materials that surgeons implant into the body as a way to close the opening through which the hernia occurred. Though this material can work well to repair the herniated area, you could also find yourself feeling as if something is not right sometime after your surgery.

When life-saving drugs ruin the time you have left

It is safe to say that all cancer patients want to survive and go on living after their ordeal. Chemotherapy is a well-known treatment for all types of cancer. Most patients are aware that they may experience some unpleasant side effects while undergoing chemotherapy, but the ray of light at the end is that these side effects are usually only temporary.

For most, side effects are a small price to pay for having the best chance of survival. It is even easier to accept these side effects when you are made aware of them right from the beginning. This ensures that cancer patients are well-informed about what they can expect before, during and after chemotherapy.

Replacement knee patients sue B. Braun for hiding product defect

A lawsuit was filed on Nov. 7 on behalf of 25 patients who had ceramic-coated B. Braun artificial knees implanted. In the filing, the plaintiffs accuse the medical device manufacturer of deliberately concealing the long track record of failures the product had when marketing it to surgeons.

The plaintiffs also accuse the company of having hoodwinked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) into believing that the device was equally safe to similar devices on the market -- an assertion that fast-tracked their approval of it. They also claim that the company failed to make the FDA aware of the product's failures on countless occasions.

A potentially drunk drag racer kills his passenger, injures 2

An unidentified passenger, who'd been riding in a Nissan Altima as it was being driven in the southbound direction nearby 9100 Airline Drive, lost their life shortly after midnight on Sunday, Nov. 5.

Responding officers with the Harris County Sheriff's Department noted in their report that they spoke with witnesses who'd seen the Nissan's driver speeding along that stretch of roadway right before the crash occurred.

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