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Children's Advil Recall

Do you have a children's Advil bottle in your medicine cabinet? Great! Ibuprofen is an excellent pain reliever. Is it four ounces? Ok, pretty standard. Is it...bubble gum flavored? Uh oh. Normally this would be a typical product...perfectly safe at therapeutic doses, but the recent 4 oz bubble gum children's Advil lists the dosages out of whack.

Happy Constitution Day!

Today we celebrate the signing of the United States constitution in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 17, 1787. Delight in your rights for life, liberty, owning property, and pursuing safety and happiness. Formerly "Citizenship Day," Senator Robert Byrd changed the holiday to "Constitution Day," which mandates all publicly funded schools and federal organizations provide education on the history of the American Constitution.

Is a truck driver always at fault in a jackknifing incident?

Truck drivers and trucking companies are often to blame for a serious commercial truck accident, but not always. Frequently, a negligent or unlawful passenger vehicle driver -- or some other factor is to blame for an 18-wheeler crash and the truck driver and trucking company are not at fault. But what about jackknifing accidents in which the trailer behind a semitruck begins to wobble out of control until it results in a serious collision: Is the driver or transportation company at fault for these kinds of collisions?

If speeding, inattentiveness, distracted driving, reckless driving, unbalanced loading, overloading or negligent truck maintenance cause a serious jackknifing incident, then the trucking company or truck driver may indeed be to blame for the incident. However, there are many other causes of jackknifing crashes.

Breakthrough therapy means hasty FDA approval

It certainly is a miraculous time in which to be living. The advances society has made in technology and science are mind-boggling, and you may be among those who appreciate the modern conveniences that make the world a safer, healthier place.

Among the most important advancements of recent years are drugs and medical devices that allow many to live productive lives with health conditions that may have formerly left them debilitated. You likely feel confident using pharmaceuticals that carry approval from the Food and Drug Administration, but recent investigations show there is more than one way to gain the approval of the FDA.

Is the Wine Really Fine?

If you buy organic foods and beverages, you should be technically safe from glyphosate exposure because the chemical is not allowed in organic farming. But it has recently been discovered in wine...even organic wine. The organic wine tested at a lower glyphosate rate, but the chemical was still present.

I Don't Drive 55 (but maybe we should)

If you're in Texas, especially Houston, chances are you use an automobile to get around. And living in Houston, you are likely aware of the "kill or be killed" attitude on the highway. This is how I described it after my first time visiting Houston as a driver. It blew my mind how reckless and disrespectful people acted in their cars. I had to keep up, which meant going at least 80 mph. If I slowed down a bit, I was likely to get run off the road. Need to merge? Too bad. Turning signals? Forget about it. To be fair, it was one of my first times driving in a big city, but one I will always remember.

Mislabeled Medication

Have you ever taken your usual prescription allergy medication and found your heart rate and blood pressure skyrocketing? What about your daily cholesterol pill causing extreme dizziness and lack of coordination? Or how about when your magic pill does not produce its usual effect? We're not talking about placebos here. Prescription medications can get mixed up or mislabeled, and the results can prove disastrous.

Can semi drivers bring passengers along?

Truck drivers get bored on the road. While many people think that the solitude and independence of driving a truck sound great, it can get old after months or even years on the road. So, to break this up, are drivers allowed to bring along passengers?

It depends on the policy for that specific company. Some drivers may be told they can never have passengers. Other drivers look exclusively for jobs that allow them to bring friends and family members in the cab with them. After all, one of the biggest problems with the lifestyle of being a truck driver is being away from the family for such long stretches of time. Having the family along for the ride, even part of the time, means drivers get those valuable family experiences while they work.

The who, what, where, when and why's of pharmaceutical injuries

A study published in the American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy in February of 2016 shed some light on some interesting on why medications and drugs get recalled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

To understand why they do, researchers analyzed the entirety of FDA recalls between June of 2012 and the end of December in 2014. This included over 21,000 recalls of products such as dietary supplements, over-the-counter and prescription drugs and even biological products.

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