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Has your hernia mesh caused more complication than repair?

If you have suffered from a hernia, you may need surgery to correct the issue. Knowing you need surgery may make you apprehensive, even while you look forward to experiencing relief from your pain and other complications. Unfortunately, if your surgeon uses hernia mesh as part of your operation, you could face further complications.

What is hernia mesh?

This device is made up of materials that surgeons implant into the body as a way to close the opening through which the hernia occurred. Though this material can work well to repair the herniated area, you could also find yourself feeling as if something is not right sometime after your surgery.

When life-saving drugs ruin the time you have left

It is safe to say that all cancer patients want to survive and go on living after their ordeal. Chemotherapy is a well-known treatment for all types of cancer. Most patients are aware that they may experience some unpleasant side effects while undergoing chemotherapy, but the ray of light at the end is that these side effects are usually only temporary.

For most, side effects are a small price to pay for having the best chance of survival. It is even easier to accept these side effects when you are made aware of them right from the beginning. This ensures that cancer patients are well-informed about what they can expect before, during and after chemotherapy.

Replacement knee patients sue B. Braun for hiding product defect

A lawsuit was filed on Nov. 7 on behalf of 25 patients who had ceramic-coated B. Braun artificial knees implanted. In the filing, the plaintiffs accuse the medical device manufacturer of deliberately concealing the long track record of failures the product had when marketing it to surgeons.

The plaintiffs also accuse the company of having hoodwinked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) into believing that the device was equally safe to similar devices on the market -- an assertion that fast-tracked their approval of it. They also claim that the company failed to make the FDA aware of the product's failures on countless occasions.

A potentially drunk drag racer kills his passenger, injures 2

An unidentified passenger, who'd been riding in a Nissan Altima as it was being driven in the southbound direction nearby 9100 Airline Drive, lost their life shortly after midnight on Sunday, Nov. 5.

Responding officers with the Harris County Sheriff's Department noted in their report that they spoke with witnesses who'd seen the Nissan's driver speeding along that stretch of roadway right before the crash occurred.

Why tire blowouts occur and what you do if one causes an accident

Many different types of businesses rely on trucks to get their supplies to them and back out the door to customers. In the rush to get products to customers, many companies fail to take time to properly maintain their trucks. It's because of situations like this that accidents occur.

Truckers can play a role in causing their own tire problems by failing to perform regular maintenance on them. Busy and potentially overworked, they often fail to keep their tires properly inflated, rotated and checked for improper wear patterns.

The Mandalay Bay Resort Shooting and the Second Amendment

One of our country's perennial debates centers on the meaning of the Second Amendment and the rights this Amendment bestows. The Second Amendment states, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Whether this Amendments was meant to give all citizens the right to have guns or merely meant to give the militia this power is and will probably always be a question mark. Whatever the case may be and whether you stand for blue or red, we can all agree that the recent Los Vegas shooting at the Mandalay Bay Resort is a tragedy. Now, victims of the shooting are speaking up and aiming to hold accountable those who could have done more to prevent this mass slaughter.

Why 100,000 people die from taking prescription drugs each year

Current government estimates suggest that as many as 70 percent of all Americans take prescription drugs on a regular basis. As alarming as this number might sound, it's even more concerning when we take into account how the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has begun expediting the approval of prescription drugs in recent years.

This has lead to many medications making it on the market and into patients' medicine cabinets without undergoing extensive testing to assess the risks associated with taking them.

Risks posed by fast tracking the approval of prescription drugs

President Trump has recently been pressuring the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to speed up the drug approval process so that critically ill patients will be given a better chance to survive. His opponents argue that speeding up the drug approval process may be far less beneficial for patients and could cause significant harm instead.

A study, recently conducted by Yale Medical School, highlights how they found that at least 33 percent of all prescription drugs that were placed on the market between 2001 and 2010 posed significant risks for patients.

A pickup driver stalls, is struck and killed along Eastex Freeway

A pickup driver was struck and killed along the Eastex Freeway early in the morning on September 14. The tractor-trailer driver who struck him reportedly said he didn't see the man before running into him.

The fatal crash occurred just before 1:00 a.m. along the southbound portion of the Eastex Freeway just outside of Greens, Texas. According to witnesses, the 40-year-old driver had been driving his black 4-door pickup within the middle lane of the highway immediately prior to the crash. He reportedly then stopped in the middle of the roadway and turned on his hazard lights.

More FDA warnings regarding the use of Invokana

As the number of Americans, including many here in Texas, who suffer from Type 2 diabetes grows, the pharmaceutical industry has tried to keep pace and provide medications to help control the condition. If you take any such medications, or any medications for chronic illnesses, you already know that most medications prescribe for them come with some pretty scary side effects.

You probably expect your doctor to take the time to weigh the consequences associated with the side effects in relation to the benefits of taking the medication. One of those drugs may be Invokana, which your doctor may prescribe for Type 2 diabetes.

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