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Types Of Construction Accidents in Texas

construction accidents

Houston is a bustling city with thousands of homes, schools, and work facilities. What makes the infrastructure of Houston possible is the many construction workers who work countless hours to build and repair our city. Working in construction can be a dangerous task. The risk of injury is high, particularly because construction workers are exposed to a wide array of situations. Injuries can happen as a result of doing jobs high off the ground or using heavy machinery and power tools. There are countless types of construction accidents that can occur.

The types of injuries that can be experienced as a result of these accidents can range from minor to very serious and can even include death. The pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses that a construction worker and his or her family can incur can be massive. We need construction workers to keep our city growing and to keep our city safe. Yet, it’s also vital that we keep the men and women who work in construction safe from harm.

For this reason, the Houston personal injury attorney team at Reich & Binstock is here to represent construction workers who suffer injuries on the job. To schedule a free consultation and establish an attorney-client relationship with us, please call 713-622-7271 today. Our legal team will stop at nothing to recover full and fair compensation in your personal injury case.

What Are the Most Common Accidents in Construction?

construction site accidents

Certain types of construction accidents are more common than others in general. Additionally, certain construction site accidents occur more often on particular construction sites. Heavy machinery and large, tall buildings often combine to create dangerous job sites for workers. Below, we explore the most common accident overall in the construction industry.

This is a category that many employees in construction work should understand, as they have a tendency to result in serious injuries or even death. The category includes the following accidents.

  • Falling or flying objects, falling debris, ground collapses, or a slip and fall accident
  • Electrocution accident due to power lines
  • Workers getting caught in heavy equipment or machinery
  • Workers being struck by falling objects or debris

Although these accidents do not always result in death, they usually pose a high risk of it. However, they are not necessarily the most common types of construction accidents.

Falls are the most common construction accidents. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), fall injuries accounted for approximately 33.5% of all construction worker deaths in 2018. These accidents can occur due to elevator shafts, floor holes, debris on the floor, wet floors, falling from a great height, or tripping over other types of hazards. Certain types of safety equipment, such as helmets, can help to protect workers from severe injuries.

Many pieces of equipment on construction sites are very large, very heavy, and very dangerous. Even the most thorough training cannot always prevent an accident. For example, machines can sometimes malfunction if not properly serviced. Examples of heavy equipment accidents include the following.

In many cases, construction sites are located along roads or highways. Usually, those responsible for the safety of the job site will take safety precautions to reroute traffic or slow it down. However, frustrated and impatient drivers can engage in reckless driving to get to their destination faster. This could lead to serious injuries for the workers.

Even though organization and relative cleanliness are encouraged on a job site, it is possible for the areas to get messy. Therefore, tripping and slipping hazards are very common to see. Many falls, even minor ones, can cause injury.

Especially for those working around power lines and sources of electricity, proper training is essential to maintain safety. Even with highly visible signs, it is still possible to accidentally hit a power line. The same principle applies for fires and explosions. It is common for construction jobs to occur near flammable or combustible materials.

Although these injuries may not seem so extreme, they involve the gradual wear and tear of the human body. Even though it is possible for these to occur to nearly any type of employee, it is a particularly high risk for those who work in construction. They may experience repetition injuries that affect the back, elbow, shoulder, and even the wrists.

What Causes Accidents in Construction?

types of construction accidents

This is a very important question to ask when determining liability with your personal injury attorney. It is unfortunate, but many companies are more concerned with meeting deadlines and saving money than keeping their employees safe. Especially if a company starts to push their workers to work faster, they may abandon certain safety procedures. Below, we outline some of the common causes of construction site accidents.

  • Lack of protection from falling objects for those on the ground
  • Lack of fall protection for workers elevated off the ground
  • Hazards on the ground or floor that cause tripping or slipping
  • Unsafe, damaged, or broken equipment
  • Failing to implement safety precautions near electrical equipment
  • Not providing protection for those working in trenches
  • Unsafe conditions on the property
  • Missing power tool protections or guards
  • Gas leaks that are not properly dealt with

What Are the Most Common Injuries at Construction Sites?

A worker who is involved in a construction accident that we listed above could sustain one serious injury or multiple injuries of varying degrees. Examples of common construction site injuries include the following.

If fatal, family members of those injured at a construction site may have the basis for a wrongful death lawsuit.

Filing Workers’ Compensation Claim

construction site accident

Thankfully, there are ways to recover compensation for a worker injured in a construction site accident. Our law firm has extensive experience filing personal injury lawsuits on behalf of both injured workers through workers’ compensation and construction site visitors. Our Houston personal injury lawyers can walk you through the process of filing a claim for compensation.

One of the most popular options for injured workers is filing a workers’ compensation claim. This is because most companies are required to have workers’ compensation insurance in some form. So long as you were not under the influence or exhibiting blatant negligence, you can usually recover compensation from a workers comp claim. The claim should cover the cost of your medical bills, lost wages, and even disability benefits.

Determining Liability for Construction Site Accidents

There are a number of potentially responsible parties when accidents happen at construction sites. These parties include the following.

  • General contractors and subcontractors
  • Engineers and architects
  • Owners of the construction site
  • Equipment or machinery manufacturers
  • Insurers

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