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Child Accident Lawyer in Houston, TX

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As a parent, the very last thing you want to see is your child suffering severe injuries. Unfortunately, child injuries can happen nearly anywhere at any time. Negligence can lead to a child’s injuries and change their life – and their parents’ lives – forever. You want to protect your child from serious injuries, but the reality is that it isn’t always possible. If your child suffered injuries due to another’s negligence or actions, you need a child injury lawyer.

Child injury cases are very specific personal injury claims that can devastate a family. After your child suffers a serious injury due to negligence, you have the right to seek compensation. The compassionate attorneys at Reich & Binstock know that money can never reverse what you and your child have been through. However, it can make dealing with medical bills, lost wages, or long-term care much easier.

If you have a child injury case, contact the personal injury attorneys at Reich & Binstock today. Schedule your free consultation with us by calling 713-622-7271.

What Is a Child Injury?

Child injuries are unintentional injuries that occur due to another person’s recklessness or negligence. Parents understandably never want to hear that their child has been injured. Sadly, most injuries to children are unintentional, and many result from someone else’s negligence.

When this happens, parents should contact qualified child injury lawyers as soon as possible after their child receives medical treatment. This is incredibly important, as it kick-starts the process of recovering compensation for your child’s injuries. Parents of injured children may have expensive medical bills, and children may suffer from permanent disabilities.

These damages place a lot of stress on families that are already enduring a tough situation. A personal injury attorney can help parents identify the at-fault party, gather evidence to build a case, and fight for just compensation. With an attorney, it can be easier to recover compensation.

What Injuries Can Parents File Child Injury Claims For?

Children can suffer from a wide range of injuries just like adults can. When a child is injured on another person’s property due to negligence, this is far different from a simple scraped knee. For example, if a dangerous toy resulted in an injury to your child, you may be able to sue the manufacturer for damages.

Examples of injuries children can suffer from another party’s negligence include the following.

A child’s accident could also result in catastrophic injuries or, in the worst cases, wrongful death. Parents have every right to pursue a claim against the negligent party responsible for their child’s injuries or death. A personal injury lawyer with Reich & Binstock can help support and guide you through the claims process.

What Accidents Can Cause Child Injuries?

child injury attorney

A child injury can occur during virtually any type of accident. Whether your child was injured during a car accident, medical malpractice incident, playground accident, or another preventable accident, your family deserves compensation. In the following sections, we outline some of the most common preventable accidents that result in injuries to children.

Dogs are considered man’s best friend, but this does not make them or their owners infallible. When a child suffers a dog bite, this can lead to serious injuries, infection, lifelong fear of dogs, amputation, scarring, or even death. Pet owners are responsible for keeping their animals secure and inaccessible by children.

Unfortunately, children can even suffer injuries in places where we expect them to be completely safe. Schools and daycares are very important in children’s lives. But injuries at these locations are far more common than most parents think. Employees at these locations have a responsibility to monitor and protect the children in their care. If an employee’s negligence leads to a child’s injury, parents may have a case against the facility.

Many stories have made national news because of serious child injuries that have occurred at amusement parks. For example, the Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City made headlines after a waterslide, the Verrückt, fatally decapitated 10-year-old Caleb Schwab.

We expect our children to have a fun, safe time at amusement parks. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If ride operators, park maintenance crews, or even ride designers are negligent, they could be held liable for a child injury that occurs from their negligence.

Motor vehicle accidents are some of the most common accidents that lead to child injuries. When other drivers are negligent behind the wheel, they may cause an accident, injuring parents and children in other vehicles. Negligent drivers can be held liable for the damages they cause.

Another source of car accident injuries to children is booster seat failures. Car seats and booster seats are intended to keep children safe in vehicles. Unfortunately, defective designs or product malfunctions could lead to injuries to children.

If you’ve ever looked at labels for certain toys, you’ve likely seen a choking hazard warning. Safe toys are important for a child’s entertainment and development, but not all toys are completely safe. Toys without warning labels or serious defects could injure children that play with them. If a defective product has injured your child, contact a Houston product liability lawyer as soon as possible.

According to numbers from the 2022-2023 school year, approximately 20.5 million public school children ride buses to school each day. While parents expect that their children will be safe on school buses, this is not always a guarantee. In fact, traffic accidents are among the most common sources of unintentional injuries to children. If poor maintenance or a negligent bus driver’s actions leads to a child injury, parents could file a compensation claim.

What many parents and victims of child sexual abuse don’t know is that they can file a sexual abuse lawsuit against the abuser. According to the Child Victims Act, victims of child sexual abuse have 30 years from the date of their 18th birthday to file a civil lawsuit against the perpetrator and any institution that allowed the abuse. While compensation cannot erase what happened, it can give the victim the support they need to recover. Contact a child sexual abuse lawyer for a free case evaluation if your child is a victim of sexual abuse.

Medical malpractice can result in a number of injuries to patients, but it can also lead to birth injuries. Some babies suffer fractured bones, traumatic brain injuries, or conditions like cerebral palsy at the hands of a negligent medical professional. Parents should contact a Houston birth injury attorney at Reich & Binstock if their child suffered an injury during birth.

Premises Liability and Child Injuries

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Premises liability is another important topic when it comes to children’s injuries. Property owners have a responsibility to keep their property free from hazards. If an adult wanders onto a stranger’s property and suffers an injury, they likely have no legal recourse. However, if a child is injured on another person’s property because of an attractive nuisance or other danger, parents may have a claim.

What Are Attractive Nuisances?

An attractive nuisance is something that may draw attention from children and teenagers, enticing them to enter a property without permission. Examples of attractive nuisances include swimming pools, playgrounds, toys, and construction materials. Property owners could be held liable for drownings or playground accidents if they did not take reasonable measures to reduce the foreseeable danger of these attractions.

Who Can Be Held Liable for My Injured Child?

This depends on the type and facts of your case. For example, if your child was injured in a car accident because of a faulty car seat, you may be able to sue the manufacturer for damages. When you work with a child injury lawyer at our firm, we will explore all possible avenues of liability and compensation. We will also handle the insurance company and settlement negotiation process on your behalf.

What Compensation Can I Get for My Child’s Injury?

Our child injury lawyers understand that your child deserves justice for their injuries. Parents deserve compensation for the monetary damages from those injuries. What’s more, is that both parents and children can suffer emotional trauma from a serious accident. If your child was injured due to another’s negligence, you may be able to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, emotional distress, permanent disability, and more.

Do I Need a Child Injury Lawyer?

houston child injury attorney

While parents are not required to hire child injury lawyers for their cases, we strongly recommend doing so. Pursuing an injury claim of any kind is extremely difficult without a personal injury lawyer. If your child suffered injuries from someone else’s recklessness or negligence, it is in your best interest to seek legal representation.

Studies have shown that plaintiffs who work with a personal injury attorney during their case are likely to receive much higher settlements and payouts in their cases. This is because a personal injury lawyer has the skills necessary to negotiate fair compensation. At Reich & Binstock, our attorneys are highly skilled in many types of personal injury cases. For this reason, we encourage you to contact our law firm as soon as possible.

How Long Do Parents Have to File Child Injury Cases in Texas?

The Texas statute of limitations on personal injury claims is two years from the accident date. However, child injury claims are different. Cases involving minors have extended time limits for victims to file a claim. If the injury occurs before the child is 18, this two-year clock starts counting down when they turn 18.

Contact a Houston Child Injury Attorney with Reich & Binstock Today

If your child was injured due to another person’s negligence, you may be eligible to file a child injury claim. Parents want their children to be safe, but recklessness can put their child’s safety in jeopardy. To seek justice for your child’s injuries, contact an experienced Houston child injury lawyer with Reich & Binstock. Schedule a free consultation with us by calling 713-622-7271 today.

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