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Houston is home to myriad types of businesses that keep our economy healthy. Among those businesses include manufacturing plants and chemical refineries. In fact, in the greater Houston area, there are over 700 establishments involved in the production of chemical and plastic products. There are also a number of oil refineries located within the Houston city limits. While these businesses are vital to our local economy and put bread on the table of countless families, for the men and women who work at these establishments, going to work each day can be perilous.

Types Of Plant And Refinery Injuries

The kinds of injuries that can take place at refineries are variable. However, the most dangerous kind of accident is an explosion. Explosions can have catastrophic and widespread effects, seriously injuring and potentially killing countless workers. While reports of explosions often find their way to our television screens and newspapers, other types of plant accidents can be just as personally devastating. Workers at plants often have to handle large and heavy machinery that can crush or mangle limbs. Additionally, toxic chemical exposure can have life-long effects, sometimes resulting in the developing of lung disease or even cancer. There is also the risk of chemical burns or burns from scalding hot liquids. Finally, workers are at risk of having objects fall on them.

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