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Houston Industrial Accident Lawyer

The hazardous nature of the work done in industrial settings often leads to catastrophic injuries when accidents do happen. Power tools, heavy machinery, chemicals, and other dangers easily cause accidents, injuries, and Houston wrongful death when supervisors or workers don’t follow necessary safety measures. You need the skill and guidance of a Houston industrial accident lawyer when you or someone you know suffers severe injuries in an industrial accident.

Workers’ lives are at risk when employers don’t enforce state and federal safety standards. Incidents like a plant explosion, chemical plant spills, or electrical failure are possible when workplace safety is not a priority. In extreme cases, these industrial accidents also put anyone in the area in harm’s way.

The workplace injuries attorneys at Reich & Binstock understand that an industrial accident puts injured workers in a frightening and painful situation. You may be hurt, unable to work, facing long-term employment loss, or total disability, all while racking up expenses like medical bills.

An experienced industrial accident lawyer aggressively fights for their client’s rights and maximum damages for their losses. We want to help when another’s negligence or inaction causes serious injury or wrongful death. Contact our offices for a free case evaluation-you may be able to receive worker’s compensation and recover financial damages from a third party. Call today at 713-622-7271 to schedule.

What is an Industrial Accident?

Houston workplace accidents

A workplace accident that harms an employee is called an industrial accident. These accidents often occur at plants and factories. However, anyone working in any profession may get hurt on the job. 

Examples Of Industrial Accidents

These accidents typically occur in industries that involve warehouses, construction sites, mines, refineries, mills, or oil rigs. Oftentimes, heavy machinery, fires, or explosions are the driving force for industrial accident injuries.   

Among the most common industrial accidents are: 

After an accident at work, you need a trustworthy industrial accident attorney in your corner fighting for you. Reich & Binstock’s reputation is unparalleled. Our goal is to get our clients the best possible results.   

What Causes an Industrial Accident?

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In some workplaces, the employees are in a dangerous setting or perform hazardous job duties. This is true in an industrial environment. 

The reality is that these jobs are inherently more dangerous than others. Many of these workplaces contain chemicals and machinery that can easily cause serious injuries such as cuts and burns or emit fumes and dust that harm workers’ lungs. 

Accidents happen more often in these settings, even when employers have effective safety protocols, follow regulations, and provide employee training. This is because employees may become complacent or rush to complete tasks. Workers must understand the hazardous nature of their work environment and receive training on properly using equipment and materials. 

Harmful materials and faulty equipment play less of a role in an accident-prone workplace than a company’s dedication to employee safety. Avoidable incidents are more likely to happen when employers and employees don’t take risk management seriously.

Some of the common workplace accidents result from human error and mechanical and environmental hazards.

Environmental Causes of Accidents

Accidents caused by the working environment are said to have environmental causes. The work environment itself is dangerous, and these accidents frequently occur because of outside factors. There are some natural factors, such as low visibility and ambient temperature, while others are man-made issues like poor workplace design.

Employees may not be able to work safely or see dangers in settings with low visibility. Low visibility may be due to a lack of lighting when working overnight shifts or from rain, snow, fog, or other weather events. The risk of slips, trips, falls, machinery crashes, and equipment injuries increase when workers can’t see clearly.  

Employees performing job tasks outdoors are also susceptible to ambient temperature extremes. If it is too hot, overheating and heatstroke may occur. Employees working outside may also experience sunburns. Hypothermia or frostbite may affect those working outdoors when it is cold.  

Roads may become slick in wet weather, causing workers driving vehicles and other equipment to crash. 

Poor workplace design may lead to issues with air pollution. Machinery and chemicals may emit fumes and gasses that cause air pollution. This may cause breathing issues for employees when poor ventilation fails to filter out the toxic air. 

Industrial work settings are often loud environments. A worker may miss essential instructions if the workplace is too loud. Noise pollution may damage their hearing if proper ear protection is not provided or worn.  

Population density may also be a factor. Accidents may happen when a workplace is too crowded for workers to complete their job tasks safely. Items may fall on workers if there is insufficient space for proper stock and equipment storage. 

Poor lighting is another issue. Something is bound to go wrong if employees cannot see what they are doing. Providing adequate lighting and keeping all lighting in working order is essential. 

Mechanical Causes of Industrial Accidents

Mechanical causes of industrial accidents refer to faulty programming or equipment failure. When a mechanical error causes an accident, injured parties can usually push for compensation from a third party since these accidents are often preventable with regular machine maintenance and proper safety procedures in place. 

Common mechanical causes of industrial accidents include:

  • Defective work equipment or damaged machinery
  • Wear and tear on the parts running those machines
  • Power failure or surges
  • A machine’s cooling mechanism fails to engage, causing fires or explosions

Accidents Due to Human Error 

Accidents caused by human error stem directly from the negligent actions of employers, workers, or other individuals involved in the accident. Fatigue and stress, dehydration, overexertion, poor housekeeping, improper lifting, OSHA violations, hazardous work conditions or job tasks, and poor supervision or maintenance often contribute to these accidents.  

Common Industrial Accident Injuries

Refineries, factories, and industrial plants all over Texas build goods, maintain our nation’s natural resources, and contribute to the economy. Unfortunately, these work environments may be highly hazardous for both workers and residents living nearby. 

An industrial accident in a mill, oilfield, factory, or other potentially dangerous location may severely hurt or even kill employees. These accidents often happen when employers or third parties ignore safety standards or operate dangerously to reduce expenses or save time.  

Reich & Binstock has represented many clients injured in an industrial setting. Among the common causes of injuries or wrongful deaths we’ve observed are:

  • Chemical, thermal, and electrical burn injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Paralysis
  • Broken bones and crush injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Hearing or vision loss
  • Amputations
  • Shockwave injuries
  • Lung damage

These injuries may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more because they require ongoing medical care. A Houston industrial accident lawyer at Reich & Binstock should be your first call. Our law firm strives to hold the at-fault parties liable for your physical and financial damages. 

Employers’ Responsibilities

Employee safety is the responsibility of every employer, no matter the industry. They must supply all appropriate safety equipment, from hard hats to fire extinguishers, as well as any needed safety training. Employers must also clearly mark all dangers, such as live wires and hazardous chemicals, with safety signs.  

Workers’ Compensation for Industrial Injury

Workers’ compensation benefits cover the medical bills and salaries of most injured Houston industrial workers. The laws might hinder your ability to sue your employer if their negligence caused your damages. An industrial accident attorney at Reich & Binstock understands the limitations of the law. 

A third party that causes worker injuries may be liable for the accident and resulting damages. If a faulty piece of equipment, delivery driver, sub-contractor, or other third party caused your harm, you might be able to seek additional compensation. However, effective and experienced legal representation is key to maximizing your damages.   

Please turn to the dedicated Houston personal injury attorneys at Reich & Binstock for a full investigation into the accident and its causes. We pinpoint the responsible parties, hold them liable, and work tirelessly to obtain the compensation you need and deserve. 

How Can a Lawyer Help with an Industry Accident Claim?

Houston industrial accident

Rest assured that the employer responsible for the accident will use its full attention, skills, and resources when investigating industrial accidents. These investigations are often long and complex. So, obtaining experienced legal counsel with the resources to stand toe-to-toe with those trying to minimize your claim is imperative. At Reich & Binstock, our experience and knowledge with industry accident claims are unmatched. Our legal team is standing by to handle the heavy lifting for your personal injury claim

We Only Get Paid When You Do

We passionately serve each of our clients, doing everything possible to get them the financial damages they deserve. Because of our dedication and confidence in earning a successful outcome for you, we don’t get paid until you do.

You don’t pay us anything unless or until we recover an award for you because Reich & Binstock works on a contingency fee basis.  

Let Reich & Binstock Help You

You deserve the maximum recovery available under Texas and federal laws when you get hurt in a Houston industrial accident. And to get the highest award possible for your case, you need the help of an attorney experienced in industrial accidents.  

Because plant accidents are so catastrophic, those who are injured, as well as their families, often experience financial hardship due to high medical bills, lost wages, funeral costs, and other unexpected expenses. However, if another’s negligence hurts you, you may have a personal injury claim against the at-fault party. Reich & Binstock can develop a solid case and fight for the financial compensation you need to be whole again. 

Our commitment and dedication to each client provide them with the top-notch legal services needed to successfully navigate each step of the process. Let the Houston industrial accident lawyers at Reich & Binstock fight for you when you get hurt on the job. 

Our firm handles numerous practice areas, including Houston drug injury, Houston pedestrian accident, Houston car accident, and more. We provide a free consultation, so call us today at (713) 622-7271 to establish your attorney-client relationship.

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