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Smokehouse Creek Wildfire Lawsuit Attorney


Texas Fire Damage Lawyer for Smokehouse Creek Wildfires

smokehouse creek wildfire lawsuit texas

The ongoing Smokehouse Creek wildfire has become the largest blaze in Texas history. Over a million acres of land have been affected by the burn. Homes have burned down, livelihoods have been affected, livestock has been lost, and large areas of land have been consumed by the fires. This disaster has prompted questions and concerns about utility providers’ safety and maintenance protocols in areas prone to wildfires.

Legal actions have been taken in the aftermath of these fires. Xcel Energy has acknowledged that their downed power lines likely have some involvement in the ignition of the blaze. However, they currently dispute any claims of negligence. The legal team at Reich & Binstock is here to assess the situation as it develops and advocate for the rights of those affected by this disaster.

If you have suffered losses as a result of the Smokehouse Creek wildfires, don’t hesitate to reach out to a Texas fire damage lawyer with our firm. To schedule a free consultation about your case, call our office today at 713-622-7271.

Which Areas Have Been Impacted by the Smokehouse Creek Fire?

Over one million acres of land have been burned in the Smokehouse Creek wildfires. The fire started on February 26th, 2024, and continued burning until it was successfully contained on March 16th, 2024. The Smokehouse Creek fire is now the largest wildfire in Texas’s history. This happened around the same time as the Windy Deuce fire. The Windy Deuce fires burned over 140,000 acres, which hasn’t helped the Texas panhandle and its residents during this trying time.

The Smokehouse Creek fire began just north of Stinnett, Texas. Spreading to the east, the fire crossed and engulfed the northern part of Smokehouse Creek. Warm temperatures and high winds helped this fire spread rapidly to cover 500,000 within 24 hours of its start.

On February 27th, the fires crossed state lines into Oklahoma, then continued to spread across the region from the gusty winds. Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared the incident a disaster affecting 60 counties. It has destroyed well over 100 houses and left at least 11,000 people without power. So far, two fatalities have been confirmed.

What Caused the Smokehouse Creek Fires?

smokehouse creek wildfire lawyer texas

Xcel Energy acknowledges that its downed power lines likely contributed to the ignition of the Smokehouse Creek fire. They currently dispute any claims of negligence, instead blaming the high winds for the collapsed power line.

One lawsuit filed by a Stinnett, Texas, homeowner states that Xcel Energy and other nearby utility companies are to blame. They claim that these entities failed to “properly inspect, maintain, and replace” the pole, as it was splintered and snapped off at its base.

In a USA Today article about the incident, an attorney representing a Stinnett, Texas, claimant stated that a downed and “heavily dilapidated” utility pole can be seen on satellite imagery where the fire started.

Osmose Utilities Services, which is a company that inspects poles for Xcel, placed red tags on that pole earlier this year. This is because they indicated the pole’s condition as “not safe to be climbed and needs to be replaced immediately.”

Xcel Energy’s Downed Power Line Contributed to the Fires

Xcel Energy is a Minnesota-based company that admitted their downed power lines were likely involved in the Smokehouse Creek wildfire ignition. They currently dispute any claims of negligence despite the evidence we have seen so far. The other utility company involved, Osmose Utilities Services, immediately launched its own review of the incident.

What Are Your Rights After a Wildfire?

If you’ve had property destroyed or livestock lost after a wildfire, it’s important to understand your rights. While insurance claims can provide some relief for your losses, they likely won’t cover the full extent of the damages you suffered. Filing a lawsuit can help you seek full and fair compensation for your damages after a third party’s negligence played a role in those losses.

When Should I Hire a Fire Damage Attorney?

We encourage people who have been affected by the Smokehouse Creek fires to seek legal counsel immediately. You deserve fair compensation for your losses, and the insurance claims process may not be the best way to secure that compensation. An attorney can help you fully understand your right to recovery.

We will also help you navigate the claims process and negotiate with the insurance company. Your voice will be heard, and your losses will be represented as accurately as possible. We will also prevent insurers from attempting to underpay you or unfairly deny your claim.

Compensation for Wildfire Injuries and Property Damage

smokehouse creek wildfire attorney texas

Victims of the largest wildfire in Texas state history have the right to seek compensation from parties who acted negligently and contributed to the ignition of the fire. Many individuals face both physical injuries and property damage losses. If you were affected by this devastating fire, you may be entitled to the following compensation.

  • Property damage
  • Injuries and medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Business expenses and business interruptions
  • Loss of livestock
  • Loss of personal property
  • Relocation costs
  • Decreased property value
  • Wrongful death

Who Qualifies for a Smokehouse Creek Wildfire Lawsuit?

If you live or work in any of the following areas that were heavily affected by the wildfires, you may be entitled to compensation.

  • Stinnett, Texas
  • Canadian, Texas
  • Hutchinson County
  • Borger, Texas
  • Fritch, Texas
  • Hemphill County
  • Lake Meredith National Recreation Area
  • Texas Panhandle
  • Parts of Oklahoma

The law firm of Reich & Binstock is currently investigating these claims on a case-by-case basis. If you or a loved one has been physically or financially impacted by these fires, reach out to our team as soon as possible.

Contact a Fire Damage Attorney with Reich & Binstock Today

The fire damage lawyers at Reich & Binstock are committed to representing and fighting for the rights of individuals affected by the Smokehouse Creek wildfires. We have extensive experience representing victims of serious disasters, such as the Camp Lejeune water contamination, Ohio train derailment, and Hermit’s Peak fires.

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