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head on collisions

No one expects to be involved in a head-on collision when they’re driving along Houston roadways, but these types of collisions occur every day. Head-on collisions are one of the most terrifying types of car accidents. Those who survive a head-on crash are faced with recovering from the physical and emotional damage caused by the crash. This can take months or years, and for some, total physical recovery may not ever be possible.

Additionally, after a head-on collision, the victim also has to deal with financial damages, which can add further stress.

When a person is injured in a head-on collision caused by another person’s negligence, then a personal injury lawsuit may help the victim and their family receive fair compensation for property damage, medical bills, emotional damage, wrongful death, and other damages.

Recovering from a head-on collision is extremely difficult. Let our Houston car accident lawyers make the process a little easier with professional legal representation for your head-on car accident claim.

If you’ve been involved in a head-on collision in Houston or if you have lost a family member to a head-on crash, then you need a leading Houston car accident lawyer to ensure you get the compensation your family deserves. Reich & Binstock, LLC is a Houston personal injury law firm that has handled complex personal injury claims for over 30 years. Call us at 713-622-7271 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your free consultation.

What Is a Head-On Collision?

A head-on collision is also referred to as a front impact accident or a frontal crash. These head-on crashes occur when two vehicles are going in opposite directions, and the vehicles crash head on. Unlike t-bone collisions or rear end accidents, head-on crashes can be clearly identified by the damage to the vehicle’s front ends, with the amount of vehicle damage depending on the rate of speed that both automobiles were traveling when the head-on collision occurred.

Why Are Head-On Crashes More Dangerous?

Statistics suggest that head-on accidents are the most dangerous types of car accidents there are. They’re also the most deadly type of car accident.

We hope that by understanding the real dangers posed by head-on car crashes, Houston drivers will be more cautious and safe behind the wheel.

Here are some of the most recent head-on collision statistics, according to The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety:

  • While head-on car accidents only account for 2% of all United States crashes, they account for 10% of fatal crashes in the United States.
  • Head-on accidents, rollover accidents, pedestrian accidents, and bicycle accidents combined account for 6% of all car accidents but result in over one-third of all traffic-related fatal accidents in the United States.
  • Head-on accidents are more likely to occur in rural areas, with 13% of all fatal accidents in rural areas contributed to these types of car accidents.

The severe injuries associated with a head-on collision are usually much more significant, when you compare them to other types of auto accidents. Vehicles involved in a frontal collision will sustain more damage because both cars are in motion before the impact. And, while any car accident can be damaging, these types of crashes are notorious for causing life threatening injuries.

Common Causes of Head-On Accidents in Houston, TX

Most head-on crashes can be attributed to one person driving on the wrong side of the road. This can happen when a negligent driver crosses the centerline of the road or when he or she simply drives in the opposite direction that is marked with state signs.

Some common reasons why a driver would steer their car into oncoming traffic include but aren’t limited to:

Distracted driving is a major problem, not just in Houston, but across the entire United States. As the use of technology increases, the rate of auto accidents caused by technology also increases. But, distracted driving isn’t limited to cell phones or texting while driving.

Anything that takes the driver’s attention away from the road can be considered a distraction. This can include adjusting controls in your vehicle, eating while driving, tending to children in the backseat, etc.

It’s easy for a driver to allow their car to drift across the center lane and into oncoming traffic when he or she isn’t paying close attention to the road. Unfortunately, the result of this results in a head-on accident.

Impaired driving occurs anytime a driver operates his or her vehicle after consuming alcohol, drugs, or even prescription medication. Alcohol and drugs both have a profound effect on a person’s ability to drive. For decades, we’ve known that both alcohol and drugs can drastically reduce a driver’s reaction time. Yet, negligent drivers choose to participate in impaired or drunk driving every day in the United States.

Many times, a person driving under the influence doesn’t realize that they’re driving the wrong way until it’s far, far too late. Impaired driving is to blame for many head-on accidents in Texas, often leading to some of the most devastating aftermaths.

When a person operates a vehicle when they are sleep-deprived, they may experience the same or similar effects as drinking or taking drugs. In Houston, drowsy driving typically happens when a driver has worked long hours or has been driving for an extended period of time without sleep. This lack of sleep can seriously impact a person’s driving skills, and therefore, a good number of head-on accidents are caused by drowsy drivers who fall asleep behind the steering wheel and start to veer into oncoming traffic.

Driving above the speed limit is dangerous to everyone on the road. When a vehicle is going too quickly for the road conditions, the driver is more likely to lose control of his or her vehicle and veer into oncoming traffic. And, when a head-on collision occurs at a high speed, the outcome almost always results in the victims suffering catastrophic injuries, if not fatal injuries.

Passing on two lane roads is always a little risky, even if the action is technically legal. For a few seconds, the vehicle operator must drive the wrong way, in order to pass the slower vehicle in front of them. Anytime a person intentionally enters oncoming traffic, the risk is a head-on collision.

Common Injuries After a Head-On Crash

Regardless of what caused the head-on collision, both drivers and their passengers can suffer from major physical trauma that results in severe injuries. Even with the latest safety features, such as seatbelts and airbags, those involved in a head-on car accident may not be shielded from the devastating or fatal effects of the crash.

Some of the most common types of head-on collision injuries include:

Unfortunately, when two cars hit head-on, death is not uncommon. When a negligent driver causes a head-on car accident, then surviving family members can file a lawsuit against the at fault driver for wrongful death damages. Our Houston wrongful death attorneys can help family members secure just compensation for the related losses associated with the fatal crash.

Determining Fault in a Head-On Accident in Texas

Many head-on collisions leave accident victims severely injured and wondering if their case allows for head-on collision damages. Every personal injury claim needs to be able to prove negligence in order to be valid, and a head-on collision case is no exception.

In order to have a valid head-on accident claim, your Houston personal injury attorney must be able to prove the following four elements of negligence:

By law, anyone who operates a vehicle on public property has a duty of care to operate the vehicle in a safe, reasonable manner to avoid injuring others. This duty includes staying in your lane and taking the proper precautions to not cause head-on car crashes.

Next, car accident attorneys must prove that the other driver violated his or her duty of care, to drive safely. Anytime a person drives their vehicle in the wrong direction, or engages in unlawful behavior, such as speeding or driving under the influence, then he or she has breached their duty to drive safely.

Once the personal injury attorney establishes that the negligent driver breached his or her duty, then they must prove that the negligence is ultimately what directly or indirectly caused the two vehicles to crash, and that the crash is what caused the injuries or damages. So, for example, the other driver swerved into the other lane while texting and driving. This caused the crash that led to your serious injuries.

Last, the injured victim and their personal injury attorney will need to provide the court with a monetary estimate that includes all of the damages associated with the accident. These damages can be physical, emotional, and financial. Common damages associated with car crashes include lost wages, costs associated with medical attention, pain and suffering, etc.

Insurance Companies and Head-On Collision Claims

Accident victims must understand that the insurance company representing either party is a ‘for-profit’ business. Insurance providers will offer the lowest possible settlement that they believe the accident victim will accept. Insurance adjusters often victim-blame and will utilize unfair tactics to devalue, diminish and in some cases, deny your insurance claim.

Many car accident victims wait until they’ve been treated unfairly by the insurance company to call for a free consultation.

If you’ve been involved in a head-on collision in Houston or if your loved one died as a result of a head-on car accident, you can protect your family’s rights by contacting a respected Houston car accident lawyer that won’t back down until the insurance company agrees to pay the maximum compensation necessary to account for your injuries.

Houston Head-On Collision Attorney

While nobody expects to be the victim of a head-on collision, if your accident was caused by negligence, you should expect to be compensated fairly. The Houston car accident lawyers at Reich & Binstock, LLC have the experience and resources necessary to take on big insurance firms and hold them accountable for your losses.

For a free case evaluation, call our personal injury lawyers at 713-622-7271 or fill out our online contact form.