Oil & Gas Worker Injuries

The oil and gas industry in Texas will continue to prosper and employ a large workforce across the state for a long time to come. However, much of the workforce faces very dangerous working conditions each day, and serious injuries are a constant risk. The oil fields are one of the most dangerous work environments in the nation:

  • Oilrig and pipeline spills, fires and explosions can permanently injure and kill workers in the field.
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals and gases such as sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide can be fatal.
  • Work-related truck accidents and other vehicle accidents are just as consequential as they are anywhere else, if not more so.
  • Falls on oil rigs can cause severely broken bones, internal bleeding, head injury or death.
  • Improperly maintained equipment and defective equipment can cause devastating injuries.
  • A lack of proper training, planning, safety equipment and safety infrastructure can lead to very preventable injuries.

Even though many companies operating in the oil and gas industry are making money hand over fist, employers still cut corners and a number of service providers and contractors do not use proper safety precautions on the job.

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