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Construction Accident Attorney in Houston, TX

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U.S. private-sector employers report about 3 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses per year, according to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics survey. Additionally, more than 800,000 workplace injuries and illnesses per year are reported among state and local governments. About 4,000 worker fatalities take place in the U.S. every year. One-fifth is in construction, according to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. If you’re a construction worker who suffered an injury, you need a construction accident lawyer Houston.

Every year, thousands of construction workers are injured or killed in on-the-job accidents. Most involve falls, being struck by objects, electrocutions, and being caught in between objects. Defective machinery is also a contributing factor. These victims need a Houston construction accident attorney.

Construction accidents often result in serious injury due to the nature of the work being performed and the heavy equipment that may be used in the process. Construction work is a dangerous field and, therefore, carries with it an elevated risk of injury.

Some construction accidents may occur through unavoidable dangers associated with the work; however, many construction accidents are caused by negligence. If you or a loved one suffered injuries while on the job, you need a qualified construction accident attorney. At Reich & Binstock, we have years of experience handling workplace injury cases. For a free consultation, please call 713-622-7271 today to speak with a construction accident lawyer Houston.

Representing Injured Construction Workers Throughout Texas

At Reich & Binstock, our Houston construction accident lawyers have served clients across both Texas and the entire nation. We handle many different personal injury cases, but we pride ourselves on our exceptional reputation in construction accident cases specifically. In large cities like Houston, the home of our law firm, we understand just how important construction workers are. They help maintain our infrastructure and expand our office buildings, hospitals, and many other properties for use by citizens.

That’s why we provide workers with a free case evaluation for their construction site injuries. When you’re already struggling with medical bills, serious injuries, and lost wages, we don’t want to put more on your plate. To establish an attorney-client relationship with us, please feel free to contact our law firm as soon as possible. We will hold all responsible parties accountable and pursue compensation on your behalf.

Types of Construction Accident Claims We Handle

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There are many different types of construction injuries that our personal injury attorneys handle. Below, we list just some of the construction site accident cases we handle.

What are Common Causes of Construction Accidents in Houston?

Construction accidents occur for a broad range of reasons, from minor mishaps to catastrophic mistakes. After all, they are some of the most dangerous jobs available. Here are some of the most common causes of construction accidents our attorneys have seen over the years:

  • Poor training or lack of training
  • Safety oversights or poor precautions
  • Crane accidents or malfunctions
  • Hoist accidents or malfunctions
  • Harness accidents or malfunctions
  • Collapsed buildings or structures
  • Improper usage of equipment, or poor maintenance
  • Compressed gasses
  • Mechanical hazards
  • Toxic substances exposure
  • Injuries from dangerous materials
  • Falls from heights
  • Defective products or equipment
  • Explosions or fires
  • Falling objects
  • Welding accidents or malfunctions

Common Construction Accident Injuries in Texas

Just about anything can happen on construction sites in terms of injured workers. After all, these jobs are extremely dangerous, as they involve heavy building materials and hazardous equipment. Safety equipment and fall protection are essential for nearly every job site, but negligence can still result in an injured worker. Below are some of the most common construction site accidents and injuries.

A construction site can take many forms, including road work or highrise buildings. Thus, construction workers find themselves in many precarious situations. If a construction worker falls from a great height, they could suffer a serious head injury. However, this isn’t the only way to sustain a head injury. They could also be struck by falling debris or other objects. This is why fall protection and hard hats are so important for the safety of construction crews. A construction accident lawyer can help you receive just compensation. 

It’s probably apparent that construction jobs are very physically demanding. Some of the tasks these workers perform can easily cause a back or spinal cord injury. They must pick up and carry very heavy building materials on a regular basis, which can damage the back over time. Specific back injuries include herniated discs, bulging discs, strained backs, fractured vertebrae, and even pinched nerves. A Houston construction accident lawyer can help in your case.

These are also highly serious injuries. Electrocutions can happen due to exposed wiring, faulty wiring, or a variety of other reasons. While these injuries are not always fatal, they are very painful and require special medical care. Our Houston construction accident lawyers can help you obtain the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

Few accidents at construction sites are as shocking as amputations. Construction workers could very well lose fingers, toes, or entire limbs to dangerous equipment or machinery. These horrific accidents usually impact a worker’s ability to do their job as they once could. They deserve full and fair compensation for their losses. Contact a Houston construction accident lawyer with our firm for qualified representation. 

Those in the construction industry often perform very repetitive tasks. This can lead to significant wear and tear to the joints in their bodies. When this happens, they may need time off from their job site to recover. They may even need physical therapy. Contact a construction accident lawyer in Houston to fight for full and fair compensation.

Construction sites are very loud due to both the equipment and the nature of the tasks being performed. A construction worker could suffer a ruptured eardrum, gradual hearing loss, or even vision loss throughout their time in construction. Many construction companies require employees to wear personal protective equipment, but this isn’t foolproof protection. A construction accident lawyer can help workers obtain the compensation they deserve.

Construction workers are some of the people who are most vulnerable to burns and explosion injuries. Thermal burns from steam or a hot liquid can scald the skin, resulting in serious pain and a long recovery period. Recovery is extremely painful, and workers deserve compensation for their pain and suffering.

These are often more serious than other slip and fall accidents, as scaffolding is usually high off the ground. Falling from great heights can result in many different serious injuries, or even wrongful death. When construction accidents happen, workers and their family members deserve fair compensation from each liable party.

These are some of the most common construction worker injuries. This is because of the frequent use of very heavy and dangerous machinery. Sometimes, these fractures can increase the cost of your medical bills in a serious way, especially if they require surgery.

What Should Be in a Construction Accident Report?

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Accident reports for construction injuries require certain details and pieces of information. To help your case, it is imperative that the report be filled out as fully and in as much detail as possible. This eliminates the chance for speculation. The basic information you should include in your accident report includes:

  • The type of injury, as well as the incident causing the injury
  • Address where the injury occurred
  • The date of the incident
  • Time of the incident
  • Name of the victim or affected individual
  • A written description of the incident, including a detailed sequence of events, as well as the resulting damages or injuries.
  • All injuries, no matter how small
  • Required treatments or therapies for those injuries
  • Names of witnesses to the incident
  • Statements from witnesses about the incident
  • List of all workers or individuals involved in the accident
  • Photographs and/or videos of the scene, in as much detail as possible

Where possible, it is a good idea to take measurements or include metrics. Also, describe the situation from different angles and points of view. This helps to paint a full picture of what happened. As soon as all employees and other individuals are safe, this incident report should be completed. The sooner after the incident, the better, as memories fade with time.

How to Pick a Construction Accident Attorney?

After your accident, it’s important to find a Houston construction accident attorney that fits your case. But, what exactly does that look like, and how can you find one? Some of the most important factors you’ll want to consider include:

  • Find an experienced Houston personal injury attorney. The more experience they have in this field of law, the better your chances will be.
  • Ask about their success rate with construction accident cases. If they’re a personal injury attorney with a poor track record, that’s no better than hiring a family law attorney for a personal injury case. Attorneys like those at Reich & Binstock, who have nearly 30 years of success with personal injury cases, are perfect for your case.
  • Make sure they’re a trial lawyer. You’ll want someone experienced both in and out of a courtroom. While they may seem perfect at first glance, you want to make sure that they’re willing and able to fight your case in front of a judge and jury.
  • Look for a board-certified attorney. Having a board certification means that the attorney is recognized by your state in their field of law. Basically, they’re among the best of the best, and they’ll generally have more knowledge to use to your advantage. At Reich & Binstock, we’ll get you set up with the best board-certified personal injury attorney to suit your needs.

What Questions Should You Ask a Construction Accident Attorney in Houston?

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Certain questions are absolutely imperative to ask in a construction accident case. As soon as you hire your attorney, don’t hesitate to ask questions in order to develop a realistic outlook or expectation of your case. Here are a few examples of good questions to ask your construction accident lawyer:

  • Can I receive more money than just workers’ compensation if I’m injured on the job?
  • Who is at fault for my injury?
  • Can I still file a lawsuit if I file for workers’ compensation?
  • Does workers’ compensation include pain and suffering?
  • Do I even need an attorney for my case?
  • How much can I get for my construction accident settlement?
  • How long will my construction accident case take?

Who is Liable for Construction Accidents in Texas?

Liability in any personal injury case depends on a number of different factors. Many times, only one party is to blame for your injuries. Other times, multiple parties contributed to the incident. Below, we cover potentially liable parties in a construction accident case.

  • Property owners. Premises liability falls on those property owners who fail to properly maintain their property. Proper maintenance involves ensuring that the area is safe for the construction workers. If dangerous conditions arise, the property owner must address them or face liability.
  • General contractors or subcontractors. These individuals have a duty of care to warn others of hazardous or potentially dangerous conditions or defects at a construction site. Also, they must ensure that they perform their work in a safe manner.
  • Architects or engineers. These individuals have a duty to safely design their plans for projects. Also, they must oversee projects to their completion and ensure the area’s compliance with local codes and regulations. Failing to do so opens them up to liability suits.
  • Manufacturers of equipment or machinery. If a company or manufacturer produces defective products or defective machinery, they potentially place many people at risk. If an injury occurs as a result of one of their defective products, they could face a liability suit.
  • Maintenance crews. These workers are extremely important to a construction site. With the complex machinery being used, certain people must be able to fix and maintain them in safe conditions. Should they fail to do so, they risk liability.

What Damages Can I Recover From a Houston Construction Accident Injury?

houston construction accident attorneys

As with most personal injury cases, victims receive compensation for a number of different types of damages. Below, we list the damages your attorney will likely pursue for your case.

These are damages that are financial in nature, and they can be easily calculated or quantified. Examples include the following.

  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Medical expenses, both current and future
  • Ongoing medical treatments or therapy costs
  • Property damage or other expenses, if applicable

These are non-financial that are not easily quantifiable. Usually, to calculate the worth of these damages, your construction accident lawyer in Houston will hire experts to help come up with a total. Examples include the following.

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Disfigurement or amputation of limbs

Punitive damages are significantly rarer than economic and non-economic losses. Generally, a law firm will refrain from fighting for punitive damages unless the responsible party engaged in egregious acts that led to your injury. These damages intend to both punish the responsible party and warn others against doing the same things in the future.

Should I File for Workers’ Compensation After a Construction Accident?

A workers’ compensation claim can help if the construction company you work for has this type of insurance. After a construction site accident, you could be eligible for temporary income benefits, permanent income benefits, or supplemental income benefits. Workers’ compensation insurance is helpful for both the company and the employee. Speak with a Houston construction accident lawyer for more information about compensation eligibility.

Third-Party Claims

Sometimes, third-party claims are the best option for securing compensation. You can file these claims against negligent third parties or employers that don’t have workers’ compensation insurance. 

Experienced Houston Construction Accident Attorney

The Houston construction accident attorneys at Reich & Binstock have been representing personal injury victims for more than 30 years. A Reich & Binstock construction accident attorney has the dedication and experience necessary to handle complex workplace accident litigation, which includes construction accident lawsuits.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a construction accident — including those which involve a defective crane, backhoe, front-end loader, cherry picker, or any other type of defective construction equipment — contact a construction accident attorney at Reich & Binstock. For a free consultation to determine whether damages are recoverable in a construction accident lawsuit, call 713-622-7271 or fill out our online intake form. We have a construction accident lawyer Houston standing by to help you.

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