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Those who survive a medical error may be injured such that they are entitled to compensation. At Reich & Binstock, we can help those who have been harmed by a medical error. Contact a Houston Medical Malpractice Lawyer today to learn more!

Medical malpractice is essentially the failure of medical providers — including doctors, pharmacists, radiologists, laboratory technicians and nurses — to use reasonable care in treating a patient, resulting in harm.

Errors include a delay in diagnosis or a misdiagnosis, improperly administered treatment, and the administering of either the wrong dose of a drug or the inappropriate drug. There are additional practical definitions of a medical error, and the experienced attorneys at An experienced medical malpractice lawyer can examine your situation, or that of a loved one, to determine whether damages may be recoverable.

Hospitals are not the only places where these errors can occur. There are also other medical care facilities such as retail pharmacies and nursing homes. These additional settings make medical malpractice one of the nation's top health problems.

Medical malpractice should be preventable in all situations. When medical malpractice does occur, it's attributed to negligence on behalf of a medical professional or professionals. This ranges from overworked nurses, careless physicians, midwives, understaffed hospitals, etc.

To prove medical malpractice occurred, you'll need a seasoned Houston medical malpractice attorney. 

According to a recent article, bullying and intimidation among hospital staff is also compromising Houston's healthcare.

Texas specifies the necessary criteria for holding a medical professional(s) accountable. Most of the time, the medical records that are associated with your treatment must be released in order for an attorney to determine whether or not a mistake was made. An experienced Houston medical malpractice attorney can assist you in securing these records. 

According to a recent study, medical errors are one of the top contributors to mortality in the United States, so speak up and contact a medical malpractice attorney, even if you're unsure!

To make a medical malpractice claim, you'll need to gather as much evidence as possible. This will give you a better chance at proving negligent behavior. Next, you'll file a civil lawsuit with the help of a medical malpractice attorney. 

If you're filing for a medical malpractice lawsuit in Texas, you can sue the doctor or health care provider. Sometimes, the person who made the mistake directly may not be the only one at fault. 

Hospitals, healthcare clinics, and other facilities that employ physicians can be held responsible for medical malpractice.  

You must file a claim for a medical malpractice suit in Texas within two years of the incident. However, in certain situations, exceptions do exist.

For example, if the mistake wasn't discovered until later, this can extend the two year period. 

The medical malpractice attorneys at Reich & Binstock have filed lawsuits for clients who have been victimized by medical negligence, an area of tort law in which the provider rendered care that was below the required standard. That standard of care is established by the use of highly trained and qualified medical experts.

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