Houston Back Injury Lawyer

A back injury is nothing to take lightly. It can cause serious trauma to both your body and your life. Back injuries can result from a wide variety of accidents and situations. Some of the more common are car accidents or workplace incidents, such as slipping and falling. If you’ve recently experienced one of these accidents, you need a Houston back injury lawyer. Our personal injury lawyers at Reich & Binstock have the legal experience you need to protect your rights and interests after suffering a back injury. Contact our caring and skilled attorneys today to help you negotiate the physical and economic fallout that a back injury can bring.

The muscles and bones within your back allow your body to stand upright and move freely. In addition, your spinal cord transmits several nerve impulses that signal your muscles to function in ways you don’t even realize. For example, your spine controls things like your speech, blinking, and even breathing. 

That is why back injuries are so serious. There is so much of the body that can be affected by the injury of your back or spine. Getting hurt in an accident can result in the loss of those functions that are so pertinent to everyday life. Even the smallest amount of trauma to your back can potentially lead to permanent nerve damage, chronic pain, or even paralysis. 

Back injury doesn’t only stem from a sudden, concentrated accident like those mentioned above. It can also be the result of long term damage like years of muscle strain.  

For this reason, you should treat every back injury as a serious one. You may spend years of your life in recovery from a back injury, which comes with a large sum of medical expenses and pain and suffering, as well. 

Back injuries have the potential to be traumatic. Often, they involve a number of physical, financial and emotional damages. When you or a family member has been seriously injured due to a negligent or a wrongful act, you need to seek help both from a medical standpoint and a legal standpoint. 

Seeking medical treatment following an injury can make sure you are on the road to recovery and that the injury doesn’t worsen over time. While you recover physically from your injury, you’ll notice your medical bills and expenses will quickly add up. This is when the legal standpoint comes into play.

You will need a legal team that knows how to effectively establish the full and fair value of your case in litigation. You need legal representation that grasps the hardships you face and can fight to compensate for them. At Reich & Binstock, we know how big of an impact a back injury can have on every aspect of your life. We also know how to protect your future. 

If you were hurt in an accident that was another’s fault, you should seek a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. At Reich & Binstock, your initial consultation is completely free. Through this consultation, we’ll learn about your case and ask the necessary questions to gauge if you may have a valid case. We can also give you our best estimate for how much you may be able to receive in compensation should you choose to work with us. 

The state of Texas mandates the statute of limitations for personal injury cases at two years. What this means is that you have a two year time limit to file a claim against another individual or entity to pursue a personal injury case. Hiring a lawyer as soon after the injury as possible can help ensure you meet all necessary deadlines and gather enough evidence to present a successful claim to the court. 

Having a personal injury attorney on your side from the beginning to the end of the process can alleviate an immense amount of stress on your part. All you need to focus on is your physical recovery; we’ll take care of the rest. 

As with almost all settlements, there are several factors that go into the amount of compensation you’re able to recover. The most contributing factors are the type of injury sustained and the experience and ability of your lawyer. 

Your settlement number will be based on the economic and noneconomic damages arising from the injury. The economic damages include past and future medical bills as well as lost income and earning capacity. Noneconomic damages refer to losses that are not able to be calculated monetarily. This includes the pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of consortium that may have resulted from the accident. 

At Reich & Binstock, we have successfully collected millions of dollars for our personal injury clients. For example, for an auto pedestrian accident, we were able to achieve for our client $2.5 million in damages.

Because the back is literally, well, the backbone of the human body, there’s quite a bit resting on it. For a serious injury to the back, you can be looking at hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars in compensation. 

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You will not be treated like just another number at Reich & Binstock. We handle all upfront legal costs, and we will help you tap all available coverage options while your legal case is pending. To keep your rights protected and your bank account safe, contact a skilled Houston back injury lawyer today. You can give us a call at 713-622-7271 or 800-622-7271 toll free or complete the online intake form below. We look forward to working with you.