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Car Accident Attorneys Based in Houston, TX

When you suffer injuries in a car accident, you need a Houston car accident attorney to represent you and fight for fair compensation. Without an attorney, you’re likely to face mounting medical bills, complicated claim processes, car accident claim denials, and much more. Insurance companies will try to trick you into settling for the lowest amount possible. The Houston car accident attorneys at Reich & Binstock will make sure you get the compensation you deserve after a crash.

At Reich & Binstock, our personal injury law firm will fight tooth and nail to represent you against negligent parties and insurance companies. When the accident wasn’t your fault, you deserve fair compensation for the medical expenses you’ve accrued in the aftermath. An experienced car accident lawyer with our firm will file a personal injury claim on your behalf, and give you the personalized attention of a smaller firm. For more information on how we can help your case, please call our Houston personal injury attorneys at 713-622-7271 or fill out our online intake form today.

Houston Car Accident Attorneys for Injured Victims

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Car accident cases have the potential to be either very straightforward or very complicated. Luckily, by hiring a Houston car accident lawyer with our firm, you can rest assured that you’ll receive only the finest legal representation in the state of Texas. For some tips and tricks about handling your car accident case, feel free to browse through our related blogs.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents?

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According to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, every two minutes, a person is injured in a car accident on Texas roads. In 2017 alone, 14,299 crashes involving serious injuries took place in the state. Another 3,721 people died in car accidents in 2017 alone. Many of these crashes and collisions could have been prevented. So, what is the leading cause of car accidents?

  • Distracted driving: Automobile accidents often happen because a driver is distracted or is not paying attention while having a cellphone conversation or while attempting to send a text message. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, texting while driving is banned in 47 states. Arizona and Missouri ban beginning drivers from texting and driving. Cell phone use behind the wheel is also restricted in 38 states.
  • Impaired driving: Other accidents are caused because a driver is impaired. Impaired drivers are unable to exercise the caution and reaction skills necessary to drive safely. Alcohol plays a role in more than 17,000 car accident fatalities each year in the United States. Alcohol is involved in almost 40 percent of fatal accidents and in 7 percent of all accidents.
  • Speeding: Speeding or traveling at higher speeds than road conditions allow decreases the reaction time that a driver has in the event of an unexpected road obstruction or the unforeseen actions of other drivers.
  • Weather: Car accidents are often caused by bad weather such as rain. Water makes the roads slick and can lead to cars spinning out of control or skidding.
  • Violating traffic laws: Running red lights or stop signs is a common cause of accidents. Many rollover accidents are a result of drivers running red lights or running stop signs.

If another person’s actions resulted in your crash, you may have certain rights under the law. Reich & Binstock are car accident attorneys in Houston, Texas who can review police reports and investigate your case to determine what went wrong. If you are entitled to seek damages, our car accident law firm can fight for your rights.

What Are the Most Common Car Accident Injuries?

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Car accident victims can suffer serious injury to just about every part of their body. However, due to the nature of a car crash, certain injuries are far more common than others. For example, car accident broken bones are particularly common. Head injuries are particularly common. Additionally, it’s important to watch for delayed concussion symptoms after an accident, even if you don’t think you were injured.

A few of the most common car accident injuries we see include but aren’t limited to:

What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Houston?

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Immediately following an accident, Texas car accident laws state that you have a few crucial responsibilities.

These laws apply to any accident which results in injury, death, or property damage:

  • Safely stop as close to the scene as you can without obstructing traffic more than is necessary.
  • Check in on everyone involved in the accident and figure out if they need medical attention. Call first responders if anyone needs medical attention.
  • Swap contact information, registration, and insurance info with all those involved in the accident.

Please keep in mind that failing to complete any of these steps could result in criminal charges, effectively ending your right to compensation for your injuries.

Do I Need a Lawyer if the Car Accident Wasn’t My Fault?

When people get into car accidents, they’re often dazed and confused about what to do next. However, there are a few simple steps you can take to increase your chances of success in your injury claims.

  • Seek medical attention immediately. Even if you don’t feel injured, it’s always a good idea to follow the advice of the EMT. After the accident, you likely have a lot of adrenaline pumping through your body. This can mask the pain you would normally feel. Even after getting the all-clear from an EMT, it’s a good idea to see your personal doctor.
  • Preserve as much evidence as possible. Take pictures and videos of the scene in as much detail as you can. Don’t throw anything away, and don’t get your car fixed until your car accident lawyer or your own insurance company gives you the green light.
  • Obtain a copy of the police report. This is often a great starting point for injured car accident victims in their case.
  • Contact an experienced car accident attorney in Houston. In most cases, a personal injury attorney will offer a free consultation and operate on a contingency fee basis. That means we don’t get paid unless we secure a recovery on your behalf. You’ll want to speak with an attorney, regardless of whether or not the accident was your fault. 

What Is the Average Car Accident Settlement Amount in Texas?

If you or a loved one were hurt in a car accident in Houston, Texas due to the negligence or neglect of another person or party, you may have the right to seek damages for your losses. For example, you may be able to make a claim to recover the following:

  • Medical Expenses and Future Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages and Future Lost Wages
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Property Damage
  • And Other Losses

Houston Personal Injury Lawyers for Auto Accident Claims

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When you get into a car crash, you need the right car accident attorney with extensive experience helping car accident victims. You need an experienced lawyer with thorough knowledge of personal injury trial law and personal injury lawsuits in general. At Reich & Binstock, we understand that car accidents happen.

That’s why we handle the following cases, and much more:

Houston Car Accident FAQs

If you've been injured in a car accident, you'll want to contact a Houston car accident attorney as soon as you're not in immediate danger. 

To protect your legal rights, you'll need to document all injuries and losses. It will also help to gather evidence to prove the defendant's actions caused you harm.

Calling the police right after an accident to get an accident report. Also you taking pictures at the scene provide valuable information on the cause of the injury. Detailed medical records and organized records of missed work are important to properly evaluate the damages of your claim.

Hiring a Houston car accident attorney is one of the most important steps in ensuring you get the compensation you deserve.

The statute of limitations is two years from the date of the car accident. This may seem like plenty of time, but this time frame passes quickly, especially when you're recovering from a serious or catastrophic injury. The sooner you contact an attorney, the sooner he or she can begin the process of formally filing a claim on your behalf. 

The value of your car accident claim in Houston, Texas will depend on many factors. When you schedule your free, initial consultation, your car accident lawyers will review the facts of your case and your police report.

Under Texas law, you are only entitled to seek damages and compensation for an accident if the other party is more at fault for the crash than you are. Your damages will also be reduced by any percentage of fault you might hold for the crash. How negligent the other party is found to be can impact the value of your case.

Other factors can also impact the value of your claim. You may also be entitled to seek damages for your future medical and rehabilitation costs as well as your future lost wages.

How much you might be able to collect will depend on the seriousness of your injury and whether you are disabled. An experienced car accident lawyer can review medical records, speak to experts, and estimate the future losses your injury might cause you. He or she can also use special formulas to estimate your pain and suffering claim value.

You may be able to seek damages from negligent parties, but you’ll also likely make a claim against your car insurance company or against the negligent party’s car insurance. Insurance companies have a duty to act in good faith. When the insurance company unlawfully denies your claim, it has failed to live up to this duty, and you have a right to be compensated. 

Even when insurance companies don’t act in bad faith, these companies may still take steps to protect their bottom lines, which can result in a reduced claim for you or your loved ones. Insurance adjusters may sometimes use formulas or computer programs to estimate your damages. These formulas and programs may not always reflect your actual losses. 

Car insurance companies have a duty to compensate you for your actual losses and not for estimates their computer programs give them. The car accident attorneys at Reich & Binstock in Houston, Texas can review your case and present relevant evidence to insurance adjusters to help you get the best possible compensation permitted under the law. If you believe the insurance company has incorrectly denied your claim, contact an experienced Houston car accident attorney.

Car accidents are commonly caused by human error. In fact, according to the Stanford Center for Internet and Society, as many as 90 percent of car accidents might be attributable to human error. What are some causes of human error in car accidents in Houston, Texas?

  • distracted driving
  • impaired driving
  • speeding over the limit
  • weather conditions
  • violating traffic laws

Anyone who has ever been injured in a car accident knows just how difficult the claims process can be. Insurance companies are often looking for the cheapest way out and can undervalue or deny claims for which accident victims are entitled to be compensated. The most common reasons why an insurance claim might be denied include:

  • Fault: Your claim may be denied if the accident was a result of unlawful or irresponsible conduct such as driving without paying attention, driving under the influence, or stunt driving.
  • Failure to comply with treatment: An insurance company may deny your claim if you claim an injury but do not seek treatment or comply with a treatment plan.
  • Lapsed policy: Failure to pay the premiums on a policy can lead the policy to lapse which can, in turn, lead the insurance company to claim that no coverage existed at the time of the accident.
  • Failure to notify: If you did not notify the insurance company of the accident within a reasonable amount of time after the accident occurred, the insurance company may deny your claim.

Absolutely. In nearly every car wreck case or serious automobile accident, it’s a good idea to hire a Houston car accident lawyer. It’s also important to keep in mind that, just because you get a lawyer, that doesn’t mean you’re going to trial. Most personal injury cases settle before they ever go to trial. Getting an experienced auto accident attorney will help you avoid paying for injuries and damages that were in no way your fault. 

The claims process varies depending on both your provider and the type of insurance you have. In general, a car accident victim will need to follow the steps below to file a claim.

  • Gather information and details about the accident scene. Collect the names and contact information of everyone involved, the insurance policies of both parties, the date, time, and location of the accident, photos and videos of the scene, and a copy of the police accident report.
  • Call your insurance adjuster and file a claim. Typically, auto insurance companies will pair you with an adjuster who will review your case. Once they review all the information you give them, they will assign fault.
  • Wait for your claim to be approved, then receive your payout. If the at fault driver is not you, then your insurance company will likely request payment from the other driver’s insurance company. 
  • Get your vehicle fixed, then review your premium. Unless you disagree with your settlement amount, you can use your payout to fix your vehicle. Once you have everything settled, look over your coverage to ensure that your policy still works for you.

There are two common approaches for calculating pain and suffering in a personal injury lawsuit. We list these two methods below.

  • Pain and Suffering Multiplier: This is the most common approach. Your Houston auto accident lawyer will add up your special damages, then multiply them by a certain number, usually between 1.5 and 5. This number is determined by a variety of factors, and your personal injury lawyer will understand how to calculate it.
  • Pain and Suffering Per Diem: The goal while using this method is to ask for a set dollar amount for every day that you (the plaintiff) experienced pain and suffering after your accident.

Texas Auto Accident Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a car accident, contact an auto accident attorney at Reich & Binstock in Houston today for a free consultation. Either use our contact form or call 713-622-7271. You may only have a limited amount of time to make a claim. Reich & Binstock are Houston, Texas car accident attorneys who offer caring and compassionate counsel to victims and families. Let us focus on the legal aspects of your case so that you and your family can focus on healing.

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