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In addition to our personal injury, defective medical devices and pharmaceutical injury practice, our Houston insurance attorneys at Reich & Binstock LLP represent local and national clients with injuries and property damage associated claims. We are committed to protecting the rights of those who have been injured by the system, including insurers. This is the primary goal of a compassionate and qualified insurance attorney.

When filing a claim with your insurance company, you, as a policyholder, deserve to be able to trust that your insurer will act in good faith, without trying to avoid paying you what you deserve. Those who find themselves in a dispute with their insurance company after filing a claim may be eligible to take legal action with the help of an insurance attorney to resolve the issue and also secure a reasonable settlement. 

We represent clients who have claims against insurers who may be acting in bad faith. We also represent clients against insurance companies in breach of contract claims and other claims that may go along with associated medical or property damage claims.

When you come in for your free initial consultation at our Houston office, we can help you determine if your insurer acted in bad faith, or assist in litigation you may need to initiate against a managed care organization. We’ll provide you with a highly experienced and knowledgeable insurance attorney for your case.

Houston Claims Against Insurance Companies

Investing in an insurance policy can serve a number of uses. These will vary depending on the type of policy you select and the reasons for which you require insurance.

Typically, after getting into an accident or suffering property damage or loss at no fault of your own, insurance policyholders are usually able to file a claim with their insurance provider in order to receive fair compensation. This is based on the coverage requirements, as well as other stipulations that will be detailed in the individual policy. 

Filing an insurance claim for damages due to an environmental catastrophe, property damage, or another accident for which you’ve been insured is both reasonable and common. Without insurance, these accidents can result in a significant financial burden, on top of mental and sometimes physical distress. However, securing the compensation you’re owed from your insurance provider isn’t always easy.

Sometimes, insurance companies undervalue, underpay, deny or even mismanage insurance claims. In high-stress situations, this is the last thing a policyholder needs or deserves.

Speaking to an experienced insurance attorney for your claim can give you a better idea of what your options are.

Types of Insurance Disputes

Many different types of insurance claims exist. These are based on the nature of the situation and whether claimants are filing on behalf of themselves or for a business. 

A common characteristic that crosses all types of insurance companies is how extremely frustrating is is to deal with adjusters and the other points of contact within the company. While most insurance providers boast of taking care of their policyholders, in practice, this is not usually the case. 

How Can an Insurance Attorney Help?

As a qualified insurance attorney team with experience handling insurance claim disputes, we can attest to the fact that no single policyholder is immune to the frustration of dealing with an insurance company who is attempting to either underpay or all-out deny a claim. 

Know that you’re not alone. Individuals, small business owners and even representatives for large corporations face issues receiving both fair and timely compensation.

Common Types of Insurance Claim Disputes

Reasons for Insurance Claim Denials

Your insurance company may cite a variety of reasons why they’ve denied or seemingly undervalued your claim. For those who are lawfully seeking adequate compensation for damages, this can be a tricky situation to sort through. 

When policyholders receive an unexpected denial or low payout offer, they often ask questions along the lines of:

  • Is my request unreasonable?
  • Did I overestimate how much my claim should be worth?
  • Is there any reason why the insurance company may consider me liable for covering my own damages?

Of course, there are reasons why an insurance provider may deny a claim that was filed by a policyholder. Depending on the language used in the specific policy and the types of coverage they offer, adjusters may interpret a claim to be ineligible or interpret the coverage in a way that reduces the payout owed to the policyholder. 

Common Reasons Insurance Companies Deny or Undervalue Claims

  • The insurance provider determined that no covered loss occurred.
  • Their adjusters determined your losses were ineligible for coverage or excluded from your policy. 
  • Your damages fall below the policy deductible.
  • Their adjusters claim the damages are less that what you’re claiming.

Insurance Claim Mismanagement

Sometimes, policyholders find themselves facing a mismanaged claim, or unnecessary complication of the claims process.

Insurance companies are meant to act in good faith and provide fair judgement when they respond to claims filed by their policyholders. However, as companies that have a financial stake in preserving cash reserves, sometimes the insurance providers don’t act in good faith. In fact, this deceptive behavior is illegal in the state of Texas.

What Are Bad Faith Insurance Practices?

Victims count on insurance companies to help them in their harrowing time of loss. But insurance companies are businesses, and businesses must make a profit, which is the American way. But there is nothing American, nothing fair and nothing moral about an insurance company preying on claimants, who already have been victimized, because there is a conflict between profit and justice — and the insurer decided justice would lose.

Bad faith insurance is when the insurance company does not treat the claimant fairly by, for example:

  • Denying a valid claim
  • Unreasonably delaying payment
  • Insurance company’s adjuster, looking out for the company’s interest instead of the victim’s entitlement, undervaluing the adjustment
  • Offering to settle with the claimant for less than the claim is worth
  • Failing to pay a judgment against the claimant from a lawsuit that the insurance policy requires the insurance company to defend

When you must deal with an insurance company, the experienced bad faith insurance claims attorneys at Reich & Binstock in Houston can protect your rights to payment of the claims that you deserve. We specialize in bad faith insurance litigation and can try cases in any state.

Denial And Underpayment Claims

In the past few years, we have represented thousands of plaintiffs throughout Texas against large insurance companies for denial and underpayment of insurance claims. Reich & Binstock often represents homeowners with first-party bad faith claims involving Hurricane Ike damage claims that have been mishandled or wrongfully denied.

Reich & Binstock also devotes significant resources to helping business owners, apartment property owners and churches resolve issues in getting the money they deserve for their hurricane and other property damages.

Texas Insurance Attorney

There is no need to be cheated out of a just claim because of deceptive tricks of the insurance trade. With nearly 30 years of experience going to the mat on behalf of damaged victims who battle insurance companies, our attorneys will not hesitate to file an insurance bad faith lawsuit, if necessary, in pursuit of the claim that you deserve. Our specialized experience and expertise will start working for you as soon as possible at no charge. For a free consultation with a qualified insurance attorney, call us at 713-622-7271 or 800-622-7271 toll free, or use our online contact form to get in touch and let us know what is going on.

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