Birth Injuries

Most births and deliveries are handled appropriately by medical care professionals; however, medical negligence may occur during pregnancy. The injury caused by such negligence may be compensable.

Examples Of Birth Injuries

Sometimes physicians may not diagnose or properly treat various conditions that arise during pregnancy. One such condition, for instance, is placenta previa. This pregnancy complication occurs when the placenta, which nourishes the fetus during pregnancy, attaches to the inside of the womb in a fashion that prohibits the baby from being delivered properly. If it is not diagnosed, significant blood loss may occur. Such bleeding may cause damage to the fetus or even death. It also may cause the mother to lose a dangerous amount of blood.

Birth injuries also may occur if the delivery process goes on for an excessive amount of time because of complications like shoulder dystocia. In these cases, a cesarean section (C-section) delivery may be required. If a cesarean section delivery is delayed, the child may be injured from lack of oxygen. Injury may occur if newborns are deprived of oxygen before, during or after birth. The emotional and financial cost may be catastrophic to a child who has been either cared for or delivered by doctors who have committed such negligence.

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