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Tips To Protect You From An 18-Wheeler Accident in Houston

While daunting to drive past, 18-wheeler trucks are a pivotal part of commerce, playing a key role in transporting good, food, materials and animals across the country. However, because of their size and power, 18-wheelers can also be highly dangerous. The experienced Houston semi truck accident lawyers at Reich and Binstock want to give three tips that, if used, can help protect you and your loved ones around 18-wheelers and other big rigs.

Seat Belts

Whenever your car is in motion, both you and your passengers can help protect against injury or death by simply buckling up. Putting on a seat belt takes no time at all and is often the difference between life and death, particularly in the context of 18-wheeler accidents where the likelihood of being tossed about the cabin or striking the steering wheel or dashboard is even greater.

Eliminate Distraction And Remain Alert

When driving in general, it is never a good idea to text, talk on the phone, eat or fiddle with the radio. This is particularly important when you are sharing the road with an 18-wheeler. Keep your eyes on the road and eliminate distractions. If this means putting your phone somewhere you cannot reach it, do so. Not only is it important for you to eliminate distractions, but it is also vital to remain alert. Recall that drivers of 18-wheelers may be on the road for hours and may even be on the verge of falling asleep. Don’t trust that the other driver is going to look out for you; always be aware of what the other driver is doing.

Keep A Safe Distance

Another good strategy is to keep a safe distance away from 18-wheelers. Recall that 18-wheelers are massive in size and cannot stop with the same ease as a smaller vehicle. Also, because of their length, it is not always as easy for a driver of an 18-wheeler to see you. Keeping a safe distance behind an 18-wheeler can create a buffer zone for you and your passengers.

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