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Growing Momentum on the Taxotere Front: Seeking Justice for Hurt Patients


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Taxotere, a chemotherapy drug that can cause permanent hair loss, also known as alopecia, has made headlines recently as lawyers across the country vie for leadership positions on the plaintiffs’ steering committee. According to the Texas Lawyer, more than 40 applications have been filed by plaintiffs’ attorneys to be appointed for lead roles in the multidistrict litigation. The basic premise of the Taxotere lawsuit 2021 is that Paris-based Sanofi S.A. and its subsidiaries failed to warn that Taxotere could cause permanent alopecia. Currently, around 200 lawsuits have been filed, with the expectation being that thousands more will soon follow.

The fact that there have been so many people hurt by a drug that is marketed as making them better is truly sad. Permanent hair loss goes much deeper than merely being cosmetic; it has deep psychological ramifications, reminding patients of their illness, suffering, and pain each and every day. As one patient  said, “I did not anticipate that years out of treatment I would be left with fine wisps of hair that grew in clumps around my head, but offered no coverage and no relief from the wigs and scarves that I had been wearing during the treatment.” With growing momentum on the legal front, the hope is that these patients will soon be able to receive justice for the subterfuge they have been forced to suffer through.

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