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Allergan Breast Implant Injuries

Allergan breast implant injuries

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Breast implants remain one of the most popular forms of elective surgery in the United States despite the many health-related concerns that have emerged regarding them in recent years. Namely, we’ve seen several patients come forward with Allergan breast implant injuries. If you have suffered injuries or illnesses from dangerous medical devices, contact a Houston personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Allergan Breast Implants Recall

The drug and medical device manufacturer Allergan recalled its texturized breast implants in July 2019 after researchers discovered that they were potentially linked to a rare form of cancer. The implants had been banned since 2018 after researchers made similar discoveries regarding them.

Cancer Cases Linked to Allergan Breast Implants

There have been more than 573 cancer cases linked to these implants that have been reported worldwide since the recall was announced. At least 33 individuals who received these implants have since died.

Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma

The type of cancer that has been linked with these implants is called anaplastic large-cell lymphoma. It attacks a patient’s immune system.

Patients are generally cured of their cancer if their implants and the surrounding scar tissue are removed.

Some patients have seen their cancer metastasize or spread due to the late detection of their condition. Many of the patients that have been unfortunate enough to have this happen have died.

Women that have received the implants as either part of a breast augmentation or reconstructive surgery post-mastectomy have both been stricken with this rare form of cancer.

A person with Biocell textured implants are six times more likely to suffer from medical issues compared to those that get other types of cosmetic breast enhancements. Although they’re more common in Europe, textured implants account for only 5% of the implants performed in the U.S. annually.

Breast Implant Dangers

Many women suffer complications from breast implant surgery. A woman’s body may sometimes reject the implants as a foreign substance. These cosmetic enhancements can rupture causing their contents to leak into a person’s body. Many different side effects can result. Some can be life-threatening.

Many patients suffer complications related to their breast implant surgery. There are instances in which you may be able to either hold your surgeon or the implant’s manufacturer accountable for the decline in your health.

Damages for Breat Implant Injuries

The amount you may be awarded can vary depending severity of your condition. An experienced defective medical device attorney can evaluate your case and help you decide what course of action is right for you. If you have suffered from Allergan breast implant injuries, it’s essential to have a skilled legal team working on your case if you want to achieve the best results possible in your case. Contact the defective medical device lawyers at Reich & Binstock by calling 713-622-7271 today.

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