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Can Vaccines Be Recalled?

Can Vaccines Be Recalled?

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Recalls happen for items such as food products, toys, and cars all the time. Medical device or drug recalls for medications are quite common, as well. Perhaps even more surprising is that vaccines can even be recalled due to there being a bad lot or batch.

Why are Vaccines Recalled?

Vaccines are generally recalled by their manufacturers after quality-control tests show that there have been some irregularities in some of the vials. Individuals can search the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) to see if anyone has reported any potential adverse side effects from receiving the same shot.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) understands multiple reports of side effects to mean that there has been an irregularity found in the batch or lot. The FDA generally issues an immediate recall after there are several irregularities reported.

FDA Vaccine Recalls

FDA recalls of vaccines are pretty rare. They’re generally recalled or withdrawn by the manufacturer long before any widespread side effects end up getting reported.

The pharmaceutical company that manufactured the vaccine generally reaches out to health care facilities before things spiral out of hand. The FDA generally oversees this process to ensure the recall is rolled out efficiently.

Patients are generally notified about a vaccine recall by their doctor. They sometimes find out about it on the nightly news though. Recalls are also published in the FDA’s weekly Enforcement Reports.

A recall can be scary. You may not need to take any additional steps if your vaccine gets recalled though. This is especially the case if the batch that your shot came from wasn’t strong enough or if your body has already produced an adequate immune response to protect you. You may have to be vaccinated again.

Vaccine Injury Lawyer

It can be scary for you to find out that your vaccine has been recalled. This is especially the case if others who also received it have developed adverse reactions to it. You may be able to sue the vaccine’s manufacturer for negligence in such an instance. A Houston vaccine injury lawyer can review your case and help you determine whether you may be able to file suit to recover monetary compensation in your legal matter.

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