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Conquered Cancer yet Still Struggling to Regrow Hair?


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Taxotere (generic name Docetaxel) has had more than its intended effect of treating cancer in over 75% of the women who have taken the drug. After experiencing the arduous process of chemotherapy with Taxotere, some women are discovering that the unfortunate side effect of hair loss (alopecia) has become permanent.

You can qualify for a case if you have taken Taxotere (manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis) or the generic Docetaxel (manufactured by Sandoz Inc. or Hospira Inc.), and are experiencing permanent baldness: look for very thin hair and/or bald spots.

Hair loss is a well-known side effect of chemotherapy, however patients expect it to grow back. Those taking Taxotere to treat breast cancer were not warned that permanent alopecia is a possible result of the treatment. Despite the fact that manufacturers in Europe and Canada warned about the potential permanent alopecia, the US label stated “hair generally grows back.”

After successfully battling cancer, the idea of living a normal life can be obscured by dealing with the newfound issue of not being able to grow your hair. Our attorneys can help you get the settlement you deserve from a pharmaceutical company that knowingly deceived its patients by claiming hair loss was minimal and tended to grow back, the drug has greater efficacy than other chemo drugs, and permanent hair loss occurred in only a minuscule amount of patients.

Good news for potential plaintiffs: The generic version of Docetaxel is being included in the Multidistrict Litigation against Taxotere. This means no matter which version of the drug you received, you are entitled to compensation from the damage you have suffered by the unstated side effects.

All federal lawsuits against Sanofi-Aventis have been consolidated to a US District Court in Louisiana. This makes for more efficiency when many plaintiffs file against a single defendant, and a better chance for you to get reimbursed for your anguish and needless suffering.

Get in touch with Reich & Binstock if you or a loved one have experienced any type of hair loss after using Docetaxel. One important thing to be aware of is The National Drug Code, an important identifying number that ties the drug you took to its manufacturer. When contacting us, one important piece of information to have handy is the National Drug Code for the Docetaxel administered to you, so we can prove the identity of the manufacturer from which you received the drug. You can get this by writing a signed letter of medical authorization to the infusion facility.

Don’t let these companies get away with cutting corners at the expense of you, the patient. You have no right to suffer. Call us today and we will work to make things right during the Taxotere lawsuit 2021.

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