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Diabetes ‘natural cures’ may be harmful, illegal defective drugs


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In previous posts, this blog has discussed the fact that there are various defects that can occur in the process of manufacturing, packaging and selling various types of pharmaceuticals. As has been explained, not all harmful defects in Texas medications are due to improperly made drugs, as the marketing or warning packaging of the drugs can also be defective. While the federal Food and Drug Administration does as much as possible to monitor and prevent drugs that are defective for any reason from entering the marketplace, unfortunately it can still occur.

One type of problem the FDA often encounters are companies that seek to sell certain drugs or substances in the United States as ‘natural remedies.’ They often do this in an attempt to get around the strict oversight of the FDA by claiming their products are not ‘drugs.’ It is important to understand that a substance that is supposed to do something and doesn’t, or contains chemicals that are not listed on the packaging, might still be defective drugs, even if they claim not to be drugs at all.

The FDA has issued a specific warning of this type about some common diabetes treatments. With the rates of diabetes in the U.S. population skyrocketing in the past decade, this is an area that unscrupulous manufacturers may attempt to exploit for monetary gain. These illegal products run the gamut from over-the-counter diet ‘supplements’ to some prescription medications and so-called ‘homeopathic’ remedies.

There are medically proven effective techniques to treat diabetes, so when people purchase ineffective products, it can delay or prevent them getting the help they need, which can cause them harm. Further, some of these types of ‘medicines’ have been found to contain active ingredients not listed on the packages, which can be very dangerous as a person does not know what the person is taking. There are also problems with some illegal pharmacies selling drugs not approved for use in the U.S.

The use of these products could cause consumers to suffer damages such as medical costs for treatment of injuries caused by unknowingly taking certain substances, or because they delay real treatments because they think they are addressing their medical issue. People who believe they has been harmed by an illegal diabetes medication or any other defective drug may want to discuss their legal options with an experienced Texas attorney.

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